Saturday, June 06, 2009

One More Nursing Shirt

These are not the best pictures of my new shirt...terrible lighting, I desperately need a haircut, etc...but I wanted to share. I decided to "shop" for nursing shirts to get some ideas for making more nursing shirts. I came across a cute shirt from A Pea in the Pod for $48 and decided I had to try. I did it all on my own! I did put quite a few hours of work into it, but at least it didn't cost me $48. I made it from fabric I had on hand. All this sewing of shirts has got me thirsty to go to the fabric store to find some new knits! :)

So as I have my little "brag" post here, I was humbled today by a cool video today that my pastor posted on his blog. It's a rapper guy singing a theme song called "Don't Waste Your Life." In the song there is a portion of a verse that says this:

See your money, singleness,
marriage, talent, your time,
they were loaned to you to show
the world that Christ is Divine

What a breath-taking reminder! What am I doing with my life to bring glory to Christ? It's fun for me to put these pictures up here--"look at what *I* made, look at *my* beautiful children, etc," but the reality is that all these things belong to God. It's not by my abilities, but how He has made me and wired me and blessed me. I don't remember that often enough. I don't share Him often enough. Don't waste your life.


  1. Ok, I am getting jealous of all of these awesome nursing tops you are making!!
    They look great!

  2. Oh, wow! I really like that top!! It looks JUST LIKE the PITP one, great job!
    The Lord truly has blessed you with many talents and a beautiful family, thank you for the reminder to share God's goodness, making His name and renown the desire of our hearts.