Saturday, June 27, 2009

St. Cloud Parade

We went to a parade tonight in St. Cloud. We didn't bring our camera, but Hope got these great pictures for us (except the ones of Tirzah, I took those). When we left home the weather was bright and sunny. I quickly checked the temp and forcast for the evening to decide what to wear. I chose jeans. There was a "special weather statement" that caught my eye...good sized storm producing pea sized hail. Was going to the north of us, looked like it would miss us according to the forcast. We went and parked and walked 4 blocks to the parade. It was crowded and warm. We found a good spot, got situated, then Kyle brought over his phone to show us the radar map and looming storm. Cut to the end of the story: we did get a pretty good rain shower, thankfully no hail. The temps cooled down significantly and we all got soaked. It was great, but the wind was a little chilly. Of course, we just felt terrible for all the people IN the parade, especially the bands. The crowds thinned out a little, though! I just had to share these pictures:

Our kids on the curb waiting for candy (and they got plenty!). We were there with Holly and Kyle and Kyle's 3 kids, too.

Trying to stay *somewhat* was fun.

Eden and Micah and Holly's dog, Amira
My favorite display by far was that of Andy's towing. They had a very, very long string of tow trucks (more than 10) linked together, from a large rig all the way down to a small truck. They all had their engines running and horns blowing and lights flashing, it was fun to see all the drivers, too. At the very end of the line was a small trailer with a Honda bike on it. :) Driving around, not hooked up, was a small go-cart also decorated up like Andy's towing. So cute and fun.

Finally, these pics of Tirzah just melt my heart!


  1. We had a parade yesterday too! Here in hickville a parade meant that we watched everybody and their neighbor drive their tractor around town. :p It wasn't *quite* that bad, but there were over 100 antique tractors.... and lots of candy!

    I LOVE that last picture of Tirzah! Oh what a precious little girl.

  2. Love the pictures. And yes those pictures of Tirzah melt my heart too. They are too cute!