Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Zeke started Kindergarten at homeschool and is attending 4 days per week. He will learn to write in cursive, because A Beka's curriculum for cursive is WAY better than manuscript in 1st grade and beyond.

Tirzah loves to stick out her tongue (and her brothers & dad love to do it, too) and give us the little "half smile."


  1. My sister and I were taught cursive in preschool. Everyone thought the school was crazy to do it that way, but I think it was much easier beause it is all so much more flowing! Looks like he is having fun!

  2. At first I thought the cursive writing from 4yr. pre-school and on was cool, too. After teaching 4 years of second graders (using ABeka) who couldn't do crossword puzzles in print, I quickly decided that my 2nd son would learn manuscript until he began second grade. That'll save me from confusing Ls with Es! LOL

  3. LOL!! I never thought of that! Maybe by second grade we'll teach him manuscript...we'll do it the other way around. Seriously, their curriculum for 1st grade manuscript was HORRIBLE--it felt very disconnected from the phonics curriculum, and the lines were much too large (spacing between the lines, requiring letters to be large, that is). Even the quality of the workbook itself was second-rate. It was nothing like the K5 manuscript. Since having all one curriculum keeps my life simple (and goodness knows it needs simplicity somewhere!), I figured I would just go with the flow. What's funny is the older kids are WAY impressed that Zeke is learning cursive. They thought it was this big hard thing--their rite of passage, I guess. Funny how perspectives change!