Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy Day!

Today Tirzah woke up at 6:30. Thankfully I coaxed her back to sleep for a while and we slept in until almost 10 am (wowzers)! I finished up 5 diapers I had cut out earlier this week, then stocked them in my store. I did a couple loads of laundry. Cleaned a little. Made Tirzah another diaper. This one I took pictures as I made it so I can make a tutorial for my website. "How to convert a serged pattern into a turned & topstitched pattern." Or something like that. Basically I want to help people who either 1) don't have a serger or 2) say that the serging on diapers irritates their baby's skin. I am motivated since I'm only days away from launching a presale for my Growing Cheekies diaper patterns, and this will be a fantastic modification. It's pretty cute. But I need to pull my elastic tighter through the casings next time.

I also cut 4 boys' hair today. Malachi was one of them. My bathroom was such a huge mess afterwards. I cut each boy's hair, then put them straight into the bath. While Malachi was in there he thought it would be great fun to dump water out onto the floor. 2 boys later, there was a huge mess on the floor. I was a little frustrated. :) They look SO cute and so much better. Maybe tomorrow I can get some pictures of their new do's. This was Malachi a couple days ago. I got this shirt from my parents back when Micah was only a little squirt, and every one of my kids has worn it. It says "I'm cute not crabby." Also, "I love crabs," and "Virginia." It's been one of my favorite shirts. Malachi has pushed it to the limits, though. :)

I'm ending the day by listening to a sermon series online by Paul Washer. It's on prayer. My pastor recently had a post about prayer on his blog, so I wanted to see if I could shake up my prayer life a little bit, too. My first choice was a netflix movie, but Mitch is playing a game on his computer. So I decided on a sermon. Since I can't listen and "surf" at the same time, I opted to sew. I got yet another diaper done. What a good way to finish the day. No, a good way to finish the day would be to pray. ;)

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