Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Car Trouble

I forgot to mention that our car (99 Toyota Camry) is in the shop. Two weeks ago Thursday I pulled into Holly's driveway and noticed how easily it slipped into park. Then how easily it didn't shift into any other gear after that. Problem: broken shifter cable. Thankfully with a little research and Mitch's stepdad on the phone, Mitch learned how to move the car: start the engine, put on the parking/emergency brake, get out and use a lever on the side of the transmission to put it into gear. It's a little unconventional, but it did save us an $80 towing bill! It's been at the garage now for a week and still no word. I've heard that the cable is expensive (over $100). Hopefully the labor won't be (it depends on how the cable is threaded). Something similar happened to my first car, but that car was a 5-speed manual transmission. 75 cents (not counting labor or the tow bill) replaced the pin in the gear shift. What a difference!

It has been interesting trying to get our family around to all the locations featured in the pictures in the previous post and to church the past two Sundays. Imagine: there are 9 people in our family and our truck "only" seats 8. Needless to say, we've been bumming lots of rides and pushing our kids off on my sisters-in-law! :) I'm thankful for the willing help, but I sure wouldn't want this to be a permanent solution!


  1. Just catching up on your blog...I don't know how you do everything!! I am having such a hard time adjusting to my 9 here. We fight a lot!!! I hope you all are doing great! Love and miss you much. Beth says hi. Carrie

  2. So, I'm just curious... Do you typically drive everywhere in two vehicles?? We have been thinking about starting to look at finding a larger vehicle. Currently, we have an Accord that rarely gets driven and then our main vehicle is a Civic Hybrid that we LOVE for it's fuel economy. I'm having a hard time giving up 42mpg but know that if/when another little one comes we will have officially outgrown the car. It never occurred to me to take two cars.

  3. Yes, pretty much we drive 2 vehicles when all of us are going somewhere. Now, it doesn't really happen that often, though: church on Sunday, then a special trip or outing once in a while (park, lake, etc). Since we stay around town most of the time, it's doable. Also we are usually doing activities with other people, so it's possible to hitch a ride like we did the past two weekends. We can't plan any long trips right now, so that's kind of hard, but it saves us money staying at home! 2 years ago when Malachi was born we were doing the two-vehicle thing...I'm sure I blogged about it. Mitch was in an accident which totaled our van, and with the $$, we were able to buy the truck. It was yucky going through the accident, but God provided. We'd like to buy a 12-passenger van, but I've not been encouraging Mitch to get into a crash to get one. ;) God will provide--and for now I think He's showing us that we can even survive with only one vehicle that seats 8. LOL