Friday, July 10, 2009

Eatin' Humble Pie (but only a little)

Today I got an email from a customer/friend who also happens to be a licensee and makes One-Size Cheekies (that would be my pattern) diapers for sale in Canada. She said she was doing an interview with her local paper and wanted to know if I had any important information why or how I developed the pattern. Wow, that took me on a fun trip down memory lane! So many facts and details get lost in the blur of life. I'm right now reminded of a story that I've often meant to write. If I've already told this one before, please excuse me. ;)

It was 2005. I was running a family daycare in my home, and also a Creative Memories Consultant. I was pregnant with Josh and making my very first cloth diapers. (Very, very busy lady). I was on a yahoo group for people learning to make their own diapers and I made a comment that went something like this, "I have been making some diapers for the new baby, but I wish I could have someone test them for me." Denise Cole ( emailed me to say that she was going to have a baby in 3 days--literally--and she would love to test my diaper for me. A friendship was born. Now, I'd made around 10 or so diapers for the baby (Joshua). So I packed one up and shipped it to Denise. Within a few weeks (I mean, come on, she JUST had a baby!) she emailed me back with great news: the diaper worked fantastic...and...the tabs were too short. I modified my diaper tabs, and made the baby more diapers.

(a note: 4 diapers and 1 cover here were not made by me. All the others were made with just a sewing serger...and no snap press. I used the "edge finish" stitch on the sewing machine and it worked just fine. I don't want to discuss hook & loop. Ahem.)

Josh was born and, as babies do, quickly outgrew the diapers with the too-short tabs. Now, I'm an entrepreneur, but Mitch said absolutely, no way, do not start selling cloth diapers (remember how busy I already was BEFORE baby #5 arrived???). But I had this pile of perfectly good diapers here that I was *never* going to use (insert eye roll). I figured they cost me about $1.50/each. No kidding. I asked quite politely if it would be ok if I could sell JUST those diapers on ebay...since I wasn't going to be using them. (This was back in the day when Ebay wasn't cracking down hard on people for selling used diapers...nowadays it's not allowed and some of your best resources for used diapers are craig's list, hyena cart, and diaperswappers). He relented. I listed 9 diapers for sale with a buy-it-now price (a steal!) of $30 (nearly 100% profit) with free shipping.

Oh the setting! It's everything. The computer was set up in a little nook in our kitchen. The warm,setting sun was gleaming through the windows on the west side of our house. Mitch, his mom, and the kids were working on a project outside. I was probably on the computer hitting "refresh" constantly just to see if the visitor counter on the auction would go up. Then it happened--right like that--someone bought the auction at my asking price. Endorphins racing, I ran outside to shout to my family and the world--someone bought my beautiful diapers and I made a profit!! I was on cloud nine.

(caution: sinful pride coming up, and I am not exaggerating)
I grabbed a box and gently lined it with white tissue paper. Then I lovingly stacked each white diaper inside. I put my favorites on the top. I imagined what the new mom might feel as she opened the diapers. Probably how I feel when I am expectant with child and unpack and finger each small baby outfit. I tried to make them look so nice.

Then I went to paypal to print out the information so I could purchase shipping (no shipping scale at home back in those days). At that point I noticed the note:
"Thank you very much! These are for my daughter's capuchin monkey. He has to wear cloth because disposables rash him awful. He has lots and lots of diapers but I figure since he can live up to 40 and never pottytrain he will wear many a diaper out! Please leave pos fb for me and I will for you when diapers arrive! Thanks"

Deflated? That's an understatement!

We enjoyed so many good laughs over that. Mitch hardly batted an eye when I asked him if I could sell some more diapers, and eventually even sell some NEW diapers.

I don't think I've ever lined a box with tissue paper since then.


  1. Okay, either I just wasn't listening, or I've never heard that story before... capuchin monkey. LOL

    Love it! And I'm so glad you kept working on those diapers since they were the leaping off point for our friendship. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, that's just hilarious, and sounds just like what would happen to me. That's my kinda luck, I'm telling you! I guess even capuchin monkeys need diapers! ROFL

  3. :-)
    Boy I feel special.

    I love the monkey story.
    I had not heard that one
    before. Too funny.
    Guess it could have been worse...
    some perv asking you to make
    size 44 diapers for him to
    play house in.

    I so so appreciate your
    friendship as well.

  4. Thanks for sharing that story. FWIW, when I was an expectant mom and opened your diapers, I felt great.
    Is your pattern still for sale?

  5. Yes Ma'am, that pattern is for sale! :) I am also getting ready to sell the next set of patterns, which include a "tweaked and perfected" version of the newborn fitteds in this post. :) I have more information on my site, just updated today:

  6. Oh hilarious!! Funny the things God uses to knock that pride out of us, ay? By His grace and for His glory you are an incredibly gifted seamstress!

  7. I'm glad you are The Diaper Diva too since I met you when I called you for help with a doggy diaper!