Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family Update

Psalm 34:8

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

I have been feeling surprisingly mellow the past couple days...for the most part. Over the weekend I was feeling quite a bit of fatigue and not able to get as much done as I had been accomplishing. This has been a tough blow to my self esteem. :) I haven't taken custom diaper orders in over a year now, and was toying with the idea of easing back into that since I'd been making so many lately. This past weekend just proves that it's not going to happen. (Admittedly, I have taken local orders however...)

Mitch rolled his ankle a week ago Saturday playing basketball. After urging him to go to the doctor all week, he finally did go this past weekend. Thankfully it's not broken, but it's still very swollen and so painful. He now has a walking cast thingy that he can pump up with air to cushion his ankle--so he can now maneuver stairs to some degree. He and Micah enjoyed some "guy time" with our friend Mark Emerson and his son Ben over the weekend.

Mitch and I had a focused Bible study time last night and really enjoyed praying and talking together. It's been way too long since we've committed our [slim] free time to study God's word together. You know, as in AT THE SAME TIME. :) Sometimes it can be so difficult to open your heart up to your husband/wife--but we were able to share in some ways that were closed off for a few months now. Isn't it hard to risk being hurt by someone you love? But to love deeper, it's a step that must be taken. We spent a good deal of time talking about Mark 12:30-31 and what that really looks like in our family and in our daycare.

Today Mitch said to Micah, "Come on Micah, let's go mow the lawn." Micah's response was "Outside?" Ha! Where else? So our fore-mentioned friend Mark Emerson came over and mowed for us. It was so kind!

Our weather has continued to be nice and warm like summer should be. Mitch has taken the kids to the beach a couple times now, but I haven't gotten to go yet. We've enjoyed some incredibly beautiful sunsets. We would like to go camping before summer is over. Our neighbors pitched a tent in their backyard yesterday and camped out all night. They have a fire pit, so I went to sleep smelling the campfire smoke and awoke to the same. It just tugs at my heart that much more! Oh the freedom felt when camping!!

School is coming up quickly. Zeke started already back in June and is now reading some 3-letter short vowel words (such as "bat"). He's doing fantastic! He does really well when we have get-up-and-move type games. His cursive handwriting is very nice (surprising--he is a boy afterall), and I'm relieved. Printing/manuscript doesn't seem to be an issue for him either--he easily copies his name (we taught him in print a while back) and other letters that he hasn't learned to write yet. I'm trying to decide when to start the others back to school. Kristin and I are going to start together either the last week of August or the first week of September. I never did get them going on any science, but they have kept up with their arithmetic all summer. The "review" is almost over and they are starting to get into the harder new concepts. Caleb has taken to division like a duck takes to water. It's crazy how that boy just gets it. Micah is learning exponents and cross multiplying. Eden just learned casting out nines, which I refuse to learn. :)

Tirzah is weighing in at a little over 13 lbs--maybe 13.5, I can't remember now. She's really long, so her legs aren't all that chunked up. Nothing like Malachi (18 lbs at 4 months)! She's adorable. Mitch says she's cute when she's wearing a hat. He wants me to cut her little tuff of hair off. :) I think he says that just to get me.

We are having friends over tonight and tomorrow. Mitch just came in and said, "I do like entertaining. Probably because I'm so vain." I said I like it because it's fellowship--it speaks to my soul. And it's the truth--we do love to entertain. So if you're ever hungry--give us a call and stop by. :) I'd better run so Mitch doesn't get stressed. :)


  1. I'd gladly be your entertainment... um, er, the entertained... oh bother, the fellowshipers! :P

    Now if you could just sell your house and buy the one next door...

  2. When you do feel up to taking customs, put me on the list, pretty please. :) I know how you feel though, I haven't been able to take any customs for a long time. I love doing them, but it does add stress because there just isn't enough time in the day.

    Your pictures are beautiful, we have had a lot of really great evenings and sunsets.

    Three and a half weeks and we get to come fellowship with you. YAY! :)