Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'll be home for dinner, Mom!

Today I was looking up garage sales in our area...just thinking about going anyways. And I had a little fun with google maps. Did you know that google maps has a "street view" thingy? Anyways, in a flash I googled my childhood home, Rose Hill, VA, clicked on "street view" when it popped up, and was instantly standing in the middle of the street right there. OH WHAT FUN AND MEMORIES! I couldn't travel down the back road to the farm where I grew up, but I could travel to the farm where my mom and stepdad live now (it's right off the main Hwy 58). WOW, I just can't explain the rush of emotions I felt. It felt like I was really there, not sitting here 1,000+ miles away. I wanted to shout--"I'll be right there for dinner, Mom!!" LOL It blows my mind to think about people driving around taking pictures for this street view. How did they do it? Our house has a street both in the front yard and in the back yard, and yes my friends you can see BOTH. Ok, that's really a strange feeling. Good thing I'm not a really private person, I guess.

Here's a beautiful picture that is sitting on my desktop. It popped up on my random pictures slideshow the other day and I just needed to gaze at it for a little bit longer.

Picture taken a couple years ago from my mom's farm.
The mountain summit in the distance is called the White Rocks.


  1. Beautiful! Let's all just pack up and move. :)

  2. It isn't as groomed right now, as Lee has let the field in front go for hay, and it is scraggly looking. But it still looks good to me, as it is home, and I wish I could have stayed a little longer this last trip. I wish everyone could know such beauty every day.