Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mairzy Doats

For my dad...

This morning, the man I love, my husband, surprised me. He burst into a song I'd never heard before and I have to admit that I thought he'd gone a little loopy. After 12.5+ years you think you know someone...

He pulled up a youtube version and it sounds JUST LIKE something my dad would sing, too. So now I'm wondering why in the world I'd never heard it. But I had to share it, to brighten your day too. You can't help but like the guy. :)


  1. You certainly can't help but smile. I've never heard that song either, but I'm betting my grandpa has. It definitely sounds like something he'd sing. :)

  2. I knew the words, but didn't know it was a song. How fun! :) Now I'll be singing it all day long. LOL

  3. I can so see your dad singing that too. As for Mitch, nothing surprises me anymore.

  4. I have an earworm! My mom used to sing that when we were little.

    Guess what I'll be singing the next few days :)

    heather G (kristin's friend)