Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sewing Day!

See what's on the docket for today! I'm going to be working on some more small AI2's to stock in my store. Here are some of the prints I've laid out. Don't they look fun? :)

I have my media player open and I'm listening to some sermons while I work. It's such a great day today.

Today is Micah's 12th birthday. He and his dad are off fishing with Papa (Mitch's dad, Paul). They left at 4 am--wowzers. I hope they are having a great day!

Our car is finished and ready to be picked up. We paid for it over the phone and told them to park it outside with the keys locked in it--we'll pick it up sometime today. It cost $330. Ouch. I said it is better than having a car payment. It could cost that much every month and even then still have the occasional repairs. To be honest, I'm only bumming because I've been trying to hole away a little money to buy a digital slr camera. It's such a selfish thing and I don't feel a sense of peace in my heart that this is what God wants for me right now, so I'm trying to be patient and not just buy what I want. It may be that we will need that money for something much more important! I am so thankful that God has abundantly provided for us and we didn't have to scramble to find the money to pay for the car. Courtney asked below if we drive 2 vehicles everywhere we go. Yes, if we all go then we either drive both vehicles or get one of our kids a ride with someone going the same way. Usually we only go on Sunday mornings to church and occasionally other outings around town. It isn't that often and it works out really nicely. See? God has abundantly blessed us!!


  1. OOOhhh, I like the yellow floral the best, and my second best is the wild pink floral next to it.

    Can you tell I have girls, lol?

    I like your take on money. I wish I could convince my DH to view car repairs that way! It seems as soon as we pre-pay enough and get one car paid off, the other one (w/o a payment) is needing a major repair and he wants to just trade it. But he DOES work an hour away and needs a reliable car. (I've had to cancel plans (inc. my 6m. untrasound, once!) wake the kids from their naps to go pick him up off the side of the road 45 min away a few times.

  2. I see a couple there with my.. I mean Elle's.. name on them! Can't wait for the next stocking!

    That's terrific that you've been able to make do with your transportation arrangements. Doing things the Dave Ramsey way isn't easy, but it certainly pays off.