Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When Good Diapers Die

How's that for a title?

I mean really, in today's world we just don't think about it that way. Diapers are a one-time-use thing. And babies have a way of putting nasty and disgusting things in them that we are glad to throw away. :)

But my current life is integrated with reusable diapers. We've been doing the cloth thing for 4 years now and I love it. What has been really hard to face is when a diaper bites the dust. It is inevitable. But good diapers become like friends. Ok, well maybe more like a favorite shirt. It's familiar. It looks better to you than it does to everyone else.

These diapers were a little like that. But they had flaws right from the start. They were beautiful once. Like this one:

They are pilly and downright ugly now. But Mitch loved them. Especially the brown one. He said it reminded him of an old, well-loved teddy bear. Under that description even I had a hard time wrinkling my nose in disgust. :)

One of the issues of this particular run of fabric is that the laminate came off of it. I think that it happened for two reasons: 1) the machines weren't quite hot enough when it was run and the first fabrics on the roll were not laminated as well and/or 2) the fabric had a lot more lint than normal and led to the rapid delamination.

I fixed them (they were a customer return--delaminating after only a couple washes) and added them to Malachi's stash. We loved them and used them in spite of the feeling of the inside and their outward appearance. After all, who wouldn't love a hard-working, reliable diaper?

Today I was folding laundry and as I stuck my hand inside to stuff, this is what I found.

Let's face it. There's just no fixing that. By the "feel" of the red one, it's not far behind. So while it goes against my grain to do so, these are going in the trash. Thanks for letting me grieve.

On the good side, Kristin just loaned me a couple of hers that she's not using and I have a brand-spanking-new one almost finished.

I thought the wearing out of his diapers would mean he's close to potty training. I do have a little experience with this. A dry run (or not-so-dry run, rather) the other day told me the bad news: not really. Oh well...we'll get there!

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  1. Sad day... I feel your *pain*. LOL

    Hope those diapers work for you... and the only one I might want back in the future is the blaze orange and camo. ;)

    I sorted through mine, but every time I think about throwing one away (except for the very worst, oldest ones... and sometimes even those) I get a knot in my stomach. But I guess if you can do it, so can I! :)