Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Abortion is not healthcare!

I am on the phone tonight listening to Michelle Bachman and a panel of women talking about HOW abortion WILL be covered under the health care reform bill. Abortion funded by tax payer dollars is disgusting and revolting. I got this call from what is called the Susan B. Anthony list. There are about 350,000 people on the call, which is being called "Keeping Faith with the Unborn." Michelle Bachman (I think...relying on memory of who was who simply by voice recognition, and I'm known to fail on both) challenged believers who are listening to be on our knees the next three fast and pray...and repent. She quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14. They are ending the call in prayer. :)

The main focus of the call was to clarify specifically that abortion will be included in the health care reform bill if it is not explicitly excluded. In fact, an amendment with the language to exclude abortion has been proposed 31 times and has been shot down every time. :(

One thing that was said stemming from this that I just loved was: sometimes it's not the law that's the issue (after all, "abortion" is not included in the language of the law), it's the bureaucrats afterward that must interpret and implement and argue about the law.

Hmmm...CPSIA, anyone???

Anyways, poking around on the website,, I found a blog post titled "Abortion Industry Can't Have It Both Ways." Here is a chilling excerpt:

"So let's review : The abortion industry says that abortion is just another medical procedure, but it should not be subject to any medical standards because it's different than other surgical procedures.

The abortion industry can't have it both ways. It is time they publicly admit what they privately acknowledge in practice. Abortion is NOT just another medical procedure. Unlike any other surgery, it begins with two beating heats and ends with only one. It takes away one life and adds emotional trauma to another."

Read it all (it's short) here. And go add your name to the Susan B. Anthony list.


  1. In reality we have been paying for abortions for a long time. 1/3 of Planned Parenthood's budget comes directly from government grants, you and me as tax payers. The whole thing is quite disgusting. I have contacted my representatives.

  2. Courtney's right. We've been paying taxes on that stuff for years and years. I'm so sick of all this mess, I just don't know what to say anymore. The CPSIA stuff was enough to make me wanna scream, but the health care added to it just makes my blood boil. Come, Lord Jesus!!