Thursday, August 13, 2009

Almost Gardening

Mitch has been lamenting the fact that we do not have a garden. So I requested that he take on a little landscaping project. It's kinda similar, right?

A month ago, during our very dry June, the grass in our front yard looked like this. This is a persistent problem year after year, especially up next to the driveway.

We are landscape-challenged, but we planned out a simple design. We used bricks we formerly had in our backyard from a different (failed) landscaping job. We didn't have enough bricks, so the new ones don't match exactly...but we don't care.

Mark Emerson came over to give a hand with the shovel.

Malachi gave a hand with the shovel too. See his small piles?

He also found a worm.

It was really hot, so the kids made sure to cool off on the waterslide.

Tirzah wasn't much help. But she is cute!

Micah and Eden pulling some teamwork.

Caleb pulling some stunts (what else is new).

Done! Time to clean up! The project, including the costs of lights, probably cost somewhere around $ Mitch says. I say it definitely improves our curb appeal!

My beautiful daughters


  1. THe work looks great!!! I am SO not good at stuff like that!

    Oh...and of course, I love the picture of Eden and Tirzah

  2. It looks great! What are you going to work on next?? *grin* Can't wait to see it in person. Pretty soon we'll have a project of our own to *show off*.

    Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned it before, your kids are stinkin' adorable. ;)

  3. Hi Stephanie I got the address for your blog from the cheekies website & thought I would leave a comment here because I have been trying to email you about the cheekies pattern with the email address on the website & the emails keep getting returned for some strange reason :) Kristy

  4. Looks great! We are also landscaping challenged, very much so.

  5. Hi Kristy, I don't have your email address, but you can email me at Sorry the email through my site is not working...that does sound really strange.