Thursday, August 06, 2009

Creating a Spectacle

Can you guess what's new at our house?

Micah, the first one of our kids to need glasses, is slightly near-sighted, needing a -1 and -1.25 correction in his lenses. Not bad...considering Mitch's is -12 for contact lenses! We always prayed that the kids would get my eyes and Mitch's teeth. This is not SO bad. :) Micah LOVES his new glasses and is super happy to have them. When he first got them I asked if he could see better. His answer: "a little." LOL Oh well! He looks smarter, doesn't he?


  1. Very studious and handsome! I remember when Daniel got his glasses, he thought the girls would like him better. Ha! What kids think with something simple like a pair of glasses. Brad's eyes are horrific too. I have no idea what his scrip is, but it's really bad. lol

    I'm glad Micah can see better!

  2. He looks great.
    Steph, I am wondering-someone checks my blog almost every day from "Motley, MN". Is that you? They never comment, and I'm trying to figure out who all my lurkers are. Thanks.

  3. Beth got some new contacts as well. She likes them, and I'm hoping that they last longer than her glasses!!