Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sort of Gardening

We used to have a kidney-bean shaped rock garden in our back yard. It had the bricks we used in our front lawn remodeling project and it was filled with white rocks. We tried 3 times to grow a lilac bush in it, and killed the bush every time. It's too wet back there. Anyways, as part of our remodel project, we dug all the rocks out (not an easy task!). Then Mitch built me a raised-bed garden. It's not huge by any standards, but I am excited to think that it is big enough for a few things. :)

Without the rocks and bricks

Laying it all out, Mitch and Zeke

Using rebar to hold it together, Mitch, Eden, and Malachi

Filling it in with dirt we had from the front lawn. Yes, we realize that in Minnesota terms it is too late to plan anything this season. So for now we're composting it.

We had to take this picture to tell a funny story. While we were picking out all the white landscaping rocks, Caleb looks up and says, "Is everyone in our family out here?" We said yes--even Tirzah was there in the stroller. He says, "Oh, we don't have that big of a family!" We had to agree--crowded around that little hole, all of us dirty from picking rocks, our family felt quite small. Good times. :)

Mitch, Tirzah, Steph, Micah, Eden, Caleb, Zeke, Josh, and Malachi

(P.s. Coming soon--our family is growing again--we are adding an exchange student from Germany later this week!!! I'll tell you more later.)

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  1. When we lived in the apartments Tim grew herbs, tomatoes and peppers in flower boxes on the balcony. Doesn't take a lot of space to get some decent results. He still grows herbs in the flowerboxes, they have just moved to the fence out front.