Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tirzah is 4 months old!

Tirzah, at 4 months, you

~are happy and smile most of the time
~eat every 2-3 hours
~sometimes forget how to nurse
~always spit up, especially on Daddy
~sleep up to 7 hours in your bassinet some nights
~sleep in my bed other nights
~sleep on your tummy
~roll over from your tummy to your back
~try to roll over from your back to your tummy
~try to crawl
~like to stand with help
~giggle the most at Joshua
~calm down best for Eden
~tolerate Malachi
~have a crazy tuft of hair on top of your head that curls when the humidity is high
~take 1 tsp. of omneprazole for reflux
~hate your meds
~scream at night if you don't have meds
~have "sandal feet" because you spread your big toe so far from the others
~are really, really long
~have the nick-name "Long Baby" from Mallorie's mom
~squeal when Daddy tickles you
~have to be held upright for 20 min after eating
~love to suck on your hands/fingers all the time
~wake up at night when you roll over and can't get back and can't get your fingers
~take several naps a day
~sometimes take a really long (4 hours) nap
~don't pee much at night
~pee a flood in the morning, multiple times
~pee less in the evenings
~"talk" a lot
~are really loud!
~drool a lot, I mean a LOT!
~sometimes aspirate (inhale spit up) and scare mommy when you gasp and cough to clear it out
~change who you look like almost every day
~wear a LOT of pink
~wear a lot of dresses
~wear cloth diapers made by Mom during the day
~wear disposables at night

~looked so much like your Papaw Jim yesterday that even Papa (Paul) said so!

We are so thankful for you!

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