Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Catching My Breath

Wow, we've been so busy lately it's hard to even catch a breath, much less write on my blog! :)

This past weekend we went camping and I would like to share some photos.

We pitched two tents--the older boys (Zeke up through Patrick) slept in the purple tent, and the rest of us got the jeep tent (which is SOOO much fun from a "playing house" point of view). We were gone for 2 nights/3 days. We did some hiking, swimming, fishing, and just sitting around the campfire. I read Chris Fabry's new book, June Bug. It's a good read (I highly recommend it to those West Virginia readers, LOL). No ticks, lots of mosquito bites, and my hair STILL smells like smoke even though I've washed it 3 times. Yep, that's camping!

On Saturday evening we went to an impromtu gathering for host families and their exchange students. We had fun connecting with other families.

Tirzah is so talented. Look how flexible she is! She can suck on her toes. :)

Joshua says this is his Han Solo face. I love the dirt on the knees. SO typical Josh. This one is worth clicking on to see it larger!
Hiking just wears us little people out.

We were at a rustic camp site with only pit toilets...quite the hike away. Ahem. The boys enjoyed watering the trees. At least that worked out well for THEM.

We got back and Patrick headed off to his first day of school. Tuesday was just orientation, and today was his first FULL day. He is playing soccer, which is right after school. That means we don't get to see him much--he left at 7:40 am and won't be back home until after 6 pm. The kids are bumming. He seems to enjoy soccer, but says it makes him tired. :) We went to his first game last night and he got to play even though he'd only been to two practices. I can't wait to hear how his first day went...understanding all the language is probably the hardest--I have NO doubts whatsoever about his academic abilities. :) He is in pre-calculus, chemistry, and physics!

Our kids are into their 3rd week of homeschool. So far, so good. This year is off to a good start, probably easier than the previous years, but I do feel a little like a chicken with my head cut off. There was a moment today when I wished I could run away. Hmm...maybe 3 moments. Oh boy. :) I need God's grace to get me through!


  1. If you've only had three moments you want to run away in the last 3 weeks, I'd say you're doing great...better than me!
    Katie Phifer

  2. I LOVED it when my baby used to suck her toes! She was about 4 or 5 months, too.

  3. No, no, no, 3 times TODAY...oh man, let's not even think about all the other days..."think happy thoughts"...

  4. What's the deal with Micah's grumpy face in the "Team Patrick" photo?! LOL My kids all giggled at the "tree watering" picture.

    Happy thoughts... right. I'll try to remember that! :P

  5. Josh looks HUGE sitting in that little chair. I love that he can't be bothered wearing his shoes on the right feet, what a grubby little cutie.

    Happy thoughts... between those and sneaking down to the basement to eat ice cream by myself I seem to get through the day. :)

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun on your camping weekend. Nice pictures!

    Seemann Family from Germany

  7. Beautiful pios! Hey, you may have to redo the banner pic at the top. You are missing someone, me thinks.