Thursday, September 03, 2009

Josh is 4 years old!

Josh, at 4 years old you

~are very, very sweet {for a boy}

~love to follow your brothers around
~love your clothes
~wear the same outfit for 3 days
~change your clothes 3 times when I put away clean ones (because you are finding your favorites)
~seem so small to me
~look like someone could just squash you

~do not like to snuggle with me very often
~fight the most with Malachi
~get along with Zeke really well {most of the time}
~let Zeke sleep in your {toddler} bed with you

~think everyone {including Patrick} knows or should know Spanish
~repeat yourself often to the point of being ridiculous

~love to play most with Legos
~carry your new Lego book Patrick & his family made for you around everywhere

~can recognize almost all your letters, capital and lowercase
~are smart enough to start kindergarten right now {if I had time}
~love to jump on my furniture, climb on everything, and do headstands
~love to play outside and ride bikes
~were scared of getting your whole body in the water at Mrs. Oistad's pool
~played happily on the steps just barely in the water for 3 hours instead
~love your Aunt Holly and think she should always take you on "trips"
~some days take a nap and some days do not need one
~like hot dogs not hamburgers
~can eat almost as much as mommy when we are having sloppy joes
~like to eat fruits and vegetables

We love you, buddy!!


  1. He looks just like his mommy. Happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Josh!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Josh! Sorry so late! Hope you have many, many more!!