Monday, September 21, 2009

A New Bench

When our church built a new sanctuary, they installed stadium-type seating (which is incredibly comfortable I should add). We heard it through Kristin that they were giving away the old pews. Mitch jumped in and requested 2 of them. We thought they would be perfect for our dining room table, for squeezing in more people. :) The one "problem" is that the benches are 12 ft long, and 8 ft would be a little more appropriate. So we figured we would cut them down and make 4 benches out of 2. This weekend we were able to tackle the first bench with Paul's help.

{One bench waiting in the garage still, the other on horses ready to go. Everyone was helping.}


{Just before I took the picture below, Paul looked at me and other words...if he would be condemned for doing this, LOL}

{We were able to snag some "extra" pew ends from another project. So we can use the 4 ft piece to make another bench. All we have to do is glue the end on.}

{Almost done! We had another Bible holder that we screwed on the back of this bench.}

{Moving the bench in our house meant rearranging the furniture *again*. It also means that we need new assigned seating. We are trying different things to get a feel for what works best. It's hard when the kids have different ideas than their parents. This was our first meal at the table, and it's going much better since then.}

{Notice Caleb's hair in the picture above. He was way past due for a hair cut. He convinced me to shave it (I didn't want to). Crazy boy.}


  1. Very nice! I love how resourceful you are.

  2. Isn't the gum just gross? Who does this?? LOL It's CHURCH people! Use your bulletin!

    I laughed about the fact that you put another book holder on the back of your pew... if you need more I think we've got a couple lying around here since we took them all off. :)

    BTW, I miss you! Feels like forever since we've gotten together.