Friday, October 02, 2009


{Not so lovely picture of Me and Tirzah taken by Micah}

Last week was babywearing week apparently. :) I do wear my baby when it is necessary and I'm glad for this cool carrier I have. Mine was a gift from Jill at Babies Beyond Borders. If you have never visited her site, please do and be sure to read the "About Us" page. Really, it's so cool!

I have worn all my babies in one carrier or another I suppose. I don't like to wear my baby all the time. I actually have a large spacial bubble (so when I initiate a hug, know that it's really special, k?). :) Still babies often need to be held more than I have time for. During times like these, it is SO GREAT to be able to strap on a baby and still have a hand or two free to get stuff done. Having a carrier that feels good and is easy to use and is good for baby is very important.

Today I was trying to make cookies and had Tirzah strapped on forward facing again. She kept getting her long arms in my way!! Such a cute little helper. :)


  1. Awwww... she's getting HUGE!! I've never tried forward facing with my Mei Tai. Yours looks like it's curved on the bottom, that's cool. I've read that if you slip a hair elastic down around the bottom that makes it easier too.

    So glad to be counted among those allowed to enter your bubble. :)

  2. I had a cloth one like that that you just wrap around your body. It constantly felt like my baby was going to fall. I liked Snugli better, because it seemed more secure.

  3. When Daniel was little, there was the Snugli thing. He was so tiny and it virtually swallowed him whole. I hated that thing and wish that I had known about the newer types of wraps like there are now. :( He'd have been a much happier baby if I could've "worn" him. That reflux was the pits.