Saturday, October 10, 2009

Family Pictures

We got Kristin's help yesterday snapping a family picture for us yesterday. She kept pressing the shutter button...she was great...and took over 20 shots of us. Funny, the first one was my favorite! :) Then I took individual pictures of each of the kids. Just as we were done, Mitch snapped a picture of me, and Micah got a picture of the two of us. It was fairly cold out--about 45F--but this October has been so cold and rainy, it may be the best day we get. :) This morning I woke up with Tirzah around 2:30 am. I peered outside to see clouds blowing quickly away, leaving us with a dust of snow. I *think* that October 10th is the earliest we have ever had snow in my years in Central Minnesota. Blah.

{Micah, age 12}

{Eden, age 10.5}

{Caleb, age 8.75}

{Zeke, age 6}

{Josh, age 4}

{Malachi, age 2}

{Tirzah, age 5.5 months}
{Patrick, age 17}

{Steph, feeling like 29, and Mitch, age 33}


  1. Great pictures in beautiful surroundings!

  2. Beautiful pics and such an amazing family. :) By the way, remember awhile ago when you posted about that "Mairzy Doats" song????? I STILL I repeat STILL have it stuck in my head. LOL Anytime I get a few minutes of P and Q (which as you know if not often) it pops right in my head. Just wanted to share and maybe bring that song back around for you incase you had forgotten. hehehehe

  3. These are absolutely beautiful photos! I love them! You all look so happy! It is great when you can have fun getting your photos taken! Thanks for sharing! You are blessed with a beautiful family.