Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Zeke!

Zeke is 6 years old today.

Zeke, at 6 years old, you

~just learned how to read
~can count all the way to 100
~remind me of the little boy from the Family Circus cartoons--you go EVERYWHERE just to get a simple task done
~have more energy than a squirrel
~are more sensitive than any of us realize
~have a good memory
~hear everything I say
~selectively obey everything I say
~love the color yellow
~are willing to try new foods
~like to be like your daddy
~get excited about new clothes
~have a new ipod shuffle (and think you're so cool)
~don't know when to quit
~just started swimming lessons and learned to dive for rings
~have curly hair (that is not as curly as before)
~get lots of compliments about your curly hair
~have a volume level stuck on "high"
~sweat pure energy
~say "What??" when I give you "the look"
~usually know exactly "what" the look is for
~ROCK OUT at Mario Kart Wii (you can beat Mommy AND Daddy)
~are very unlikely to sit through an entire sermon
~think the church building is a gym and the service is an aerobic workout
~are loved by your Sunday School teachers
~stay dry at night almost every night (but still have an accident occasionally)
~are really good at hitting a baseball
~don't like taking naps, going to bed early, or laying down for "quiet time"
~are not camera shy
~can't smile for the camera
~run to Daddy and throw yourself on his lap while saying "Corn on the Cob, Dad"
~then giggle, "Don't get me, Dad!!"
~are most likely (of all your brothers) to jump from the couch onto Tirzah (accidentally, of course)

We love you lots and lots little Buddy!!

In other news, we received nearly an inch of snow on Saturday. It hasn't snowed that much here on October 10th since the 1950s. Mitch said I can say this: Yep, global warming. ;) Today, October 12th, we are receiving quite a bit more snow.


  1. Happy Birthday, buddy!! Hope you have a great day.

    Yep, I'm with you Steph... global warming for sure!

    I'll have to remember "corn on the cob". My kids would love it! :P

  2. happy birthday, zekie boy! i love you so much!!! i am so proud of you! you are always ready to please and so helpful!

  3. Happy Birthday Zeke!

    And I LOVE the snow pictures!

  4. Happy Birthday, Zeke. All the best for you.
    Markus, Michaela, Sabrina, Laura, Darlette