Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mall of America

We took a trip down to the Mall of America in Bloomington yesterday. Besides dealing with traffic and a nasty detour on I494 that nearly drove {no pun intended} me crazy, we had a GREAT time!

We took Holly & Kyle with us...we were driving two vehicles already anyways, and they are a lot of fun. :) Not to mention a big help with the kids!
The kids were especially excited to see the Legos.

Tirzah did great pretty much the whole day. She went to sleep when Holly took a turn carrying her.
Probably the most fun was in the Air Traffic store that sells juggling stuff. Patrick was juggling diabolos and Mitch was juggling clubs. We got some of the store people to "play" with us. Mitch got some coaching on passing clubs, and at one point there were 4 of them all together passing clubs--it was insane to watch (and the store wasn't that big). I took video, so maybe I'll have to put it up later.

I also liked the Old Navy store. I found a pair of pants on clearance and a pink fleece shirt that just had to come home with me. Patrick and Micah found some things too. The bathroom at Old Navy was great...and so was the one in Nordstrom--it had couches. :)

I got to make a special stop in the Ritz Camera store to play with their Nikon D90 and 5000D. I have been researching digital SLR cameras for a few months now and simply can't wait until we can afford to buy one. I have already done a lot of research, but it was fun to hold a camera in my hand and ask questions from a clerk who knows a lot about them. Lucky me, I happened to find a guy who owns a Nikon D80, Canon 50D, and a Sony. So I could get his opinions on each brand. Later in Best Buy I got to "hold" a Canon T1i and XSi to compare them side by side to the Nikon. That was helpful too, but their batteries were dead and there was no helpful clerk nearby (!!!!). It was also the end of the day, and I only had about "30 seconds" to look. I always have been, and still am, leaning towards Nikon, but Canon is so much cheaper! Ahhhhh...someday!

Anyways, it was a fun way to spend our day. Church was fantastic today (as usual), too. Back to the normal grind tomorrow.


  1. Looks like you had a great day! I always think it's funny when people go to the MOA for FUN. I detest the place, way too big for my liking, the kids get whiny, the husband gets whiny... not fun.
    I'm glad you guys had a good time, though! It is nice to get away from the norm. I'd love to see the juggling video. That takes great coordination to get all those people together!

  2. Glad you had fun! Love the pictures. Patrick just fits in so well with your family. :)

    I'm with Courtney... the thought of MOA with all the kids doesn't sound like fun at all. Now, a day at the Outlet Mall sounds more up my alley! And I'd love to find a great deal on a pair of Old Navy jeans... :)

  3. Looks like a LOT of fun!

  4. I have a canon rebel XSI and while I don't know how to use 95% of the functions it has..I LOVE IT!!!
    If it had video it would be the best thing ever!

    (Kristin's friend)