Thursday, October 29, 2009

Micah Measuring Up

I came across this old picture of Mitch and Micah the other day and had to post a comparison shot. The photo on the left is terrible, I know. It was taken 2 years ago when Mitch had just arrived home from Texas. His hair is ridiculously long because he didn't cut it at all during the 11 weeks he was there. I can't believe how much Micah has grown! I also found some video of Micah back then...we didn't notice his squeaky voice at the time, but it has me in stitches now. :) His voice deepened so gradually that it was hard to notice. Now if I am in another room I sometimes mistake him for Mitch, as do some people if Micah answers the phone [without saying who he is].

Some Micah stats again...

Size 30 inseam fits him perfectly...size 28 waist is terribly big.
Size 9.5 sneakers
Size 10 (men's) boots
63 inches tall (I'm only 65 inches)
Approx 94 lbs
-1, -1.25 correction in his glasses

A short interview:
Favorite subject in school: reading
Favorite sport: soccer
What he wants to be when he grows up: Something really lazy that makes a lot of money (oh boy!)
Favorite movie: maybe Princess Bride
Favorite books: Little House on the Prairie series
Favorite wii game: tie between wii fish, wii sing, and wii Mario Kart {Mitch said wii fish + wii sing = wii fishing LOL}
Would love to spend the day: fishing in Canada
Would buy with $1,000: ipod touch, and a nicer house for you (????)...change that to a wii, large screen tv, and an iphone (boy, this kid does not understand $1,000)
Coolest trick you can do: fish
Did you change your underwear today?: No. I changed my shirt, though!


  1. I like the stat things you do for each of your kids on special days.

  2. Wow, he's really shot up!!

  3. The difference (in height, and voice) is amazing... blows me away every time I see him or hear him.

    What really made me laugh was the answer to the last question. As if he was going to get bonus points for changing his shirt. LOL