Tuesday, October 06, 2009


My life is flying by in a blur it seems. I am back to writing blog posts in my head again. All throughout the day I think of good ones, then when I finally have time to sit down and write I end up with writer's block. Oh well...I guess I'll just have to be random! There is no way in this world you will really make it to the end. It's that random. But, hey, I figure it's worth writing just for a record of what we've been up to. So this one is for me. :)

This past weekend we went to a post-arrival orientation for YFU. It was a pretty big crowd of families with their exchange students. I loved meeting all those people and their wonderful exchange students. [I will say that I am very uncomfortable around new people and in new situations. I always feel like I have been locked up for years and have no social skills! LOL Is it a mom syndrome to feel so uncoordinated?] The weekend confirmed for me that we have THE BEST EXCHANGE STUDENT EVER. Seriously. I would love to tell you all the great things about hosting an exchange student. Yes, we have the best student ever, but I'm sure that many other people have wonderful experiences also. I think about all the things that require planning: vacations, weddings, adoptions (usually), menus, social gatherings, etc. Hosting an exchange student requires planning, right? Well, it's not really something that was on our agenda for the year. It was an exciting gift that God just dropped in our laps. Can you picture it? Like a good Father waiting on Christmas morning to see the delight in His children's faces...He brought us Patrick. Every step in the journey has been a joy. Having him here causes us to appreciate our own children more. It challenges us to look at our lives with a different perspective. It stretches us to be honest about what we value. Patrick is not only a good example to our children, he is a good example to us--we see values his parents have instilled in him and we think "how do we get there." He challenges us to try harder--it's so worth it.

We don't have to "parent" Patrick much at all. He's very independent, and he also has good self-discipline. He knows what the right thing to do is, and he does it. He is also respectful of our authority and of our home. From what I have heard, most exchange students are this way. We have had a few moments where we've had to make a decision for him (curfew, for example). In those moments, we ask ourselves what we would do if it were Micah (at age 17). We tried to remember what our parents said. We ask Patrick what HIS parents would say. We have even asked him what would he say if he were the parent. It is so interesting to have each perspective. It is also very helpful in learning cultural differences.

Mitch says the most important thing to remember with your exchange student (or even your own teenager) is to never stop talking. Keep the lines of communication open. I need a little help with this one personally...what do you say to keep the conversation going when you run out of ideas? I need to practice giving interviews! How do you broach difficult topics? I'm always afraid I'm going to say something offensive. I was listening to other parents talk this weekend and some of them had some really interesting stories to tell about conflicts in their homes. I just about decided then and there that I didn't want to raise a teenager. Um yeah, too late. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make a big mess of things! I feel so underqualified!

Ok, time to get really random.

Tirzah was not feeling well weekend before last. We had her checked at the doctor and she was fine (just a virus). She was crabby all week and my milk supply dipped due to fluctuating hormone levels. My milk supply is back up, she is feeling better, and she is happy again this week.

Malachi was not feeling well this past weekend. Probably the same virus. Maybe it's H1N1 and now we won't have to get the vaccine (or feel bad about not getting it) since we've all been exposed. {Wishful thinking.} Nah...he had a very low-grade fever and no other real symptoms besides general Malachi crabbiness. He is continuing to work on potty training. He has some good and some bad moments. A bad moment would be last night at TGI Fridays (kids eat free on Mondays!) when he peed on my lap. Ewwwwww.

Josh still wonders if he's 5 now.

The oldest four started swimming lessons at the YMCA today. Zeke was scared to go. After he came home he said he loved it. Caleb was bummed because he got combined into Zeke's class and he didn't learn a.single.new.thing. Or at least he didn't act like it. He wanted to dive. Micah and Eden learned 4 or 5 new things. Micah can't swim without water going up his nose. Poor boy...he inherited it from me. We were so blessed to receive a scholarship to help pay for our Y membership and a discount on swimming lessons.

School is officially back in full swing. I can now sympathize with thousands of teachers elsewhere. It is hard to recover from school breaks!

Two weeks ago Mitch had an ear infection in one ear. He saw a doctor who just really did not listen to him and had quite a frustrating experience. Got some ear drops and was feeling better in a few days. Yesterday he awoke to ear pain in the other ear. By today it was pretty horrible so I scheduled another appointment for him. Bummer...got the same doctor. Doctor said he didn't know what is wrong with Mitch's ear and scheduled him an appointment to see an ENT (thankfully one from our church). He will go in on Thursday. Boy oh boy. He started to spike a fever tonight (related to Malachi's???). Oh that reminds me, on Saturday I had a major toothache. I always get one in the tooth that is crowned anytime I have any kind of virus affecting my sinuses. Hmmmm....could that be related to Mitch's ear pain? He is still hopping around on one foot trying to get his leg to heal. Pray that it will heal on its own.

Ok, that's about enough randomness for me. I need to get to bed 10 min ago if I hope to get in a good 8 hours sleep!!

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