Monday, October 19, 2009

Where did it go?

Wow, where in the world did the weekend go?

Thursday and Friday school was out so all the teachers could go to conferences. That meant Patrick was home from school (he's a superstar, if you didn't know, inspiring hourly "Patrick Reports" from our children...who are training to be paparazzi). It also meant that we had 2 extra children in daycare...who found daycare MUCH TO BORING after the first hour. Good for their teachers at school, bad for us.

Having no school also meant that Patrick had some late nights (why else would a teenager go to bed early if there is no school the next day?)...and so did Mitch (because Mitch wouldn't want to let Patrick have fun playing AOE without him). ;) Wednesday night Patrick went to a school football game and afterwards went with friends to play dodgeball at church. We're too old for that stuff (yeah, right), so he left us a note to tell us all about it: "IT WAS FUN! 8)" He later told me that he got to play an electric guitar and really enjoyed it. It must have been fun--he went back on Sunday night and then out to Applebee's with a group of friends. Friday night was the big AOE night with Mitch. They (Mitch, Patrick, and Micah) stayed up until 4:30 Mitch slept in a little on Saturday and we didn't see Patrick until almost noon. I honestly have to say that it is fun having a teenager in our home. And I really wouldn't mind if the rest of my children would catch on and figure out that sleeping in until noon on a Saturday morning is a good idea. ;)

I felt really crummy on Saturday (just a cold...not the flu), and bummed around as much as I could. I did part of my shopping in the morning and part later at night (with Mitch's help). I'm sorry to miss out on such a beautiful day. I wish we had all spent the weekend outside as much as possible. Sunday morning I felt better, but my voice wasn't so great. We all went to church (out the door by 8:45 am). Mitch is facilitating an adult Sunday School class on marriage. We are listening to John Piper. You can find the first sermon here. [disclaimer: the fact that we are leading a marriage class does not mean that we have "arrived" and have this whole marriage thing down. On the contrary, leading the class means that we will get extra teaching and will be present for every lesson.]

Sunday afternoon I got a nap--yay! The weather was beautiful. Our high was 61. I took Micah shopping and bought him some snowpants and boots. Get ready for this sobering reality--he wears a size 10 (men's) boots. I am just barely taller than he. He will pass me within the year. He is wearing a size 28 x 30 pants, but the waist is much too big. He is more like a size 26 waist, but finding those at a reasonable price may prove to be too hard. But he can't wear size 14 in boys anymore--the waist is too large and the legs are too short. :P

Tirzah is army-crawling everywhere. Her favorite place to go is right for Patrick's things. :) Hehe. She has a particular affinity for his ipod touch cable and his laptop cable, but last night she also discovered the joy of eating his homework. We enjoyed many laughs over the thought of explaining that to his teacher. Patrick just smiled and said, "I'm going to keep it!" LOL He smoothed out what was left of his crumpled worksheet and put it away in his binder.

Tirzah's reflux is getting better to the point where I have been able to stop giving her reflux meds. She now has this same cold, however, and that is interfering with her ability to suck her thumb, which is then interfering with her ability to fall asleep. While I can use a variety of methods to get her to sleep during the day, I typically don't want to use any at 3:30 am (I want to be able to nurse her, then drift right back to sleep). So we have had a few nights now of being awake for over an hour and not going back to sleep until mommy gets up and rocks the poor girl. :( Poor mommy didn't want to wake up on this lovely Monday morning!

Well here we are on Monday. It is beautiful and sunny again and 52F. Maybe autumn did not abandon us after all. We are back to the school grind. Grind...that's a good word to describe how this Monday feels as far as motivating my oldest two to get their work done! Among other important things on our schedule this week, one of the most important is Mitch sees the doctor about his leg again this Thursday. We are praying for good news. If all is well and he can walk on it again, we are hoping to head to the Mall of America next weekend. :) that was a long and windy blog post!!

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