Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wow, that was easy!

I want to do a little promo for one of my favorite free software programs. [No one from the company asked me to do this.] :) I have been using the program for a few years now to edit my photos.

Here are my favorite features:
  • Remarkably small file size means fast download and install
  • Easy to use
  • Wide variety of features such as red-eye reduction, special effects, reduce/resize photos, etc
  • FREE
  • (even has a Deutsche version...which, you know...anything German is cool around here)
Why do I like this program better than Picasa or even Creative Memories Memory Manager?

Well, different programs for different uses. Picasa online is good for managing my photos that I have posted on the web, creating albums to share, slideshows, etc. I like how easy it is to group and sort photos. I will not use it to edit photos, because opening the program and getting it set up is time-consuming. On the plus side, Picasa does sort images and it is also free. Irfanview does not sort or store images.

Memory Manager is the only program that I have ever spent money on to organize my photos. I LOVE Memory Manager. It does SO MUCH, and it makes backing up my photos a breeze (all my photos are backed up to DVD, which is almost the safest storage method). It's editing capabilities are superior and very easy to use, especially for most people.

Adobe is a professional level program and costs hundreds of dollars, so I won't even go there.

But let's say I want to upload pics to my blog and I need to do some fast editing? Or pics of diapers to my store or website? Or pics on ebay? Message boards? Facebook? Email? I will open Irfanview every time. It is fast to crop, rotate, resize, and anything else that I need to do. EASY!! After they are edited, then I may use photobucket or picasa online to store and share them.

So when I was creating the post of Malachi...the one with all the faces...I was just playing around. I randomly cropped his face from a series of pictures. I didn't fuss with making sure every picture was "exact", but I cropped quickly and tried to make them "about the same." As I worked, I saved each to a special folder to make them easy to find. Then I clicked on a button that Irfanview has called "create a panoramic image." I selected which photos I wanted to use in my image and voila! Irfanview created it perfectly in a nice, straight row. Wow, that was easy!

Like I said, I have been using the program for a long time. I have memorized some of the shortcut keys. For example, select an area that you want to crop with your mouse, then hit ctrl-y. Or ctrl-r to resize/resample a photo. Or 's' to save as. Or shift-g to adjust the colors and lighting. Or 'r' to rotate right, 'l' to rotate left. Or...I think you get the idea. Shortcuts do make some editing a lot faster, too. :)

So there, my long, boring tip for the day! Just one of my little secrets to how I do it "all." :)

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  1. I was wondering how you got the two pics into one... or in the case of the "many faces of Malachi", several pics in one.

    Fun :)