Friday, November 06, 2009

I know what it is...

I know why I struggle to write...I haven't taken any good pictures lately! This happens every year. Once the weather turns cooler, I don't get outside as much...and there is less natural light...therefore I take fewer pictures. (Indoors with the flash is SO not good on my camera).

Yeah. That's it.

Anyways...last night Mitch took me to a concert to see Mark Schultz and Point of Grace. It was so much fun. Other news headlines here:

  • I haven't been sewing. At all. But I sure do need to.
  • I baked more bread...white this was good, but my loaves were too big. Going to try again soon.
  • I hope we hang Christmas lights outside this weekend while the weather is nice (59F tomorrow hopefully).
  • Tirzah still refuses to suck her thumb.
  • Malachi is doing terrible at potty training, but we keep trying. So far we have trained 5+ other children...I think he'll get it eventually.
  • Daycare is nearly full and very busy.
  • Mitch is coaching 7th-8th grade boys' basketball at St. Cloud Christian School for the next 6 weeks.
  • Mitch's foot/leg is feeling a lot better. He is now walking with just regular shoes, and no crutch. His ankle is really stiff and he walks with a limp, but says it feels much better.
  • After being derailed from our homeschooling schedule when Mitch first went off his foot, we are finally back on track and into a rhythm again--4 lessons of math per week, 5 of everything else, spelling tests on Friday, and 4 lessons per week for Zeke.
  • Micah, Eden, and Caleb babysat Zeke, Josh, and Malachi last night while we were at the concert. We spent a lot of time coaching them ahead of time, and then called several times while we were away. I'm proud of them for doing a good job...and grateful to be moving into a new stage of life with them. (Tirzah went to the Gewecke's and Patrick was out with a friend).

Alright, since it's a beautiful, sunny day out, perhaps I should go find some good photo opportunities!

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  1. I do miss your pictures, you are a very talented photographer.

    Sounds like you guys have a full schedule! You need to get sewing(easier said than done, huh?). I've got people asking me all the time about Elle's fabulous diapers. They love them.
    I'm SO glad to hear that Mitch's foot is FINALLY healing, that is wonderful news!