Monday, November 23, 2009

Slow Down, Please

Some days just drag by normal and boring. Days pile into weeks, and I have to make up things to blog about. Now everything is moving by at a lightening pace and I don't have time to blog!

Just now Josh literally kicked that loose tooth of Zeke's--the one barely hanging on and ready to come out weeks ago--right out of his mouth. It was a pretty exciting moment. Finally the fear of the unknown is over.

Two days ago Tirzah turned 7 months old. A post on that coming soon.

Mitch's grandma (dad's mom) is ready to pass...waiting almost breathlessly to step from this life into eternity. We gather to grieve and to celebrate, thankful for her life and devotion to God and her family.

Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, and aside from the turkey taken out to thaw, I feel unprepared. Lord, prepare our hearts to worship, to give thanks, to glorify You.

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