Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and afterwards

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. I took lots of pictures, but they'll have to come later...I misplaced my camera. :) We celebrated at our house with Holly & Kyle, Hope & Selena, and the Emersons. Then later we went to Paul & Marilyn's. In addition to the standard holiday food (turkey, etc), I made a pumpkin pie, my yummy cheesecake, and wassail.

On Friday we had Grandma's funeral. We looked through the ads in the paper and decided getting up for the Black Friday sales was not worth it. So we "slept in" and spent our morning preparing for the funeral. The Emersons kept Malachi & Joshua for us for the day (soooo many thanks to them!). The funeral was in Shakopee, in the Catholic church in a little farming town where Grandma Gert and Grandpa Ray grew up. It was really neat to be there, even though it was a time for grieving. It was good to see so many extended family members. Tirzah bit her finger right in the middle of the service...and being a traditional, old {beautiful} church building, there was NO where for me to escape to with her as she wailed. :) Thankfully just walking to the back of the church calmed her down.

After we arrived back in St. Cloud on Friday night, Patrick & I did a little shopping for some deals. I think that there are some more things that some of us are going to go back out for today. Mostly there are lots of things on sale that we (or our kids) just don't need. There is this push by advertising to buy everything we want to gift to our family for Christmas. It's amazing how we start the countdown making sure we have bought something for everyone on our list. Buying and gift-giving end up being the focus of the season before it even starts! Yes, of course we will give gifts, because it is part of the celebration. It also makes sense to buy the good deals on things we actually need and use. But it is also very enlightening to look at our traditions and culture through a new set of eyes (Patrick's). I know we often say that in America we lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas...but it's even MORE obvious when I talk to Patrick about how his family celebrates the season.

One thing we did last year we will do again this year. Last year we read the book Jotham's Journey for Advent. This year we are reading another book in the series called Bartholomew's Passage. These books are very good...there is a reading for every day...and you can light the Advent candles as you read. Very fun and a good way to keep our minds focused appropriately during the season.

Here is a challenge to you as you head into the advent season. :)

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  1. Totally agree that America is starting to lose the true meaning of Christmas. It is also starting it earlier and earlier every year.