Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

One major tradition our family has is the Thanksgiving tablecloth. We ask everyone to write a thanksgiving message on the cloth. Now it is fun each year to pull it out and remember!

I took lots of pictures of this event and it was too hard not to post a bunch. :) Click on each picture to see a full-size version so you can see what they wrote.

{Malachi told Mitch what he is thankful for--after he tried to write it himself--and Mitch helped him write it so we can all read: Candy}

{Yes, Tirzah is like the hungry caterpillar}

{Malachi is a cool cat in Patrick's hat}

{Each of the grandkids has their own sign and tree at Grandma Marilyn & Papa's house. He said he chose a nice strong oak for Tirzah.}

{Malachi & I on the eve of my birthday. Don't I look the picture of 29?}

Yes, my birthday was yesterday, the 29th. Yes, I told everyone that I was 29. But I'm not really. :) I've been 29 a few years now. So I'm really 29 years 48 months and 1 day old. :) I had a wonderful, blessed birthday and enjoyed a meal out with Mitch at Mexican Village. That fundido sauce calls to me...ahhhhhhh.

I can't wait to share my birthday present with you. :)

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  1. The Tablecloth is great!!!! Loved it.

    And, Tirzah is a cutie. Loved the picture beside of her name post.