Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tirzah and Other News

Tirzah is definitely teething. On Sunday I caught a glimpse inside her mouth to see her upper gums swollen with a little bubble of a new tooth peeking through. To say I am surprised is an understatement. I NEVER in my life imagined she would get more teeth so soon. I have heard many times that the emergence of teeth is genetically linked...children *tend* to get their teeth around the same age that a parent also got his/her teeth. Since Tirzah has SIX other siblings to compare, well, getting her top teeth at barely 6.5 months was far from my mind. Normally we don't see those until around 9-10 months. =P

She is still not sucking her thumb, but she has been chewing on her fingers more. I am still giving her reflux meds again, and she is sleeping better at night. I am also using baby orajel whenever I guess she needs it. The first tooth on top has cut all the way through, but the second one doesn't look like it's coming until next week.

As Tirzah is getting her first teeth, our kindergartner is on the verge of losing his first tooth. What a milestone! Here he is a few years ago with two bottom teeth, and only a few days before his first top tooth came 9 months old:
Now that little tooth is barely hanging in there:
These pictures were too sweet not to share. I love to take pictures using natural light wherever I can find it. These days that seems to be on the kitchen table.

{Zeke had a little chain that he was showing to Tirzah.}

{Malachi is practicing his German}

Well, he's not really...but this is a paper where we were learning to count and he somehow got a hold of it and was using it to draw on.

Uh-oh...Mitch got my camera.

{Some days homeschooling is hard for the teachers too.}

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  1. ROFL I can relate to that last picture!

    I checked Daniel's baby records because I thought he'd gotten his baby teeth at a weird time, and he did. He was late getting the bottom ones (8 months), got them both within 24 hours. Then the top two teeth he got the next week, two days apart. TMI here, but both my boys always had loose bowels with their teething and it just was a nightmare. That and the crying and biting on everything (including us!) was so frustrating.

    The pictures with Zeke and Tirzah are adorable. Don't you just love those moments?