Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Doing Okay

I saw the hematologist today and didn't get any big answers.  He says that definitely the hereditary spherocytosis is presenting, but feels that the symptoms/infection was brought on by some type of virus.  I still have the low fever.  All my other tests came back normal.  He checked my blood levels today and wants to check them again in a week.  He feels confident that I will be improving by then.  He said he would have been very concerned if he had not already known about hs, but it's pretty obvious already knowing.  He looked at my previous health history and said that given the fact I have had 7 pregnancies, my body's iron stores would be completely depleted, so I have been doing a good job of maintaining my hemoglobin levels even if they are "low."  Then he said something very strange.  He looked at one pregnancy (mind you, most of these results in his computer would be from when I have gone in the hospital to deliver, therefore my iron is naturally low in the 3rd trimester) where my hgb level was 8.8.  He says, yes, you're a little lower now (8.4), but since you're feeling fine...   Um, WHAT?  I kind of choked a little bit there and just didn't know what to say.  I don't think that's what he meant, and probably I heard him wrong, but it sure was an awkward moment.  So on my way home I called Mitch to let him know that I'm obviously feeling fine and need to start pulling my weight around here again.  ;)

The good news is that yesterday I was feeling a little better.  He took my blood again today, so hopefully we'll see that ALL my counts are improving.  I didn't sleep well last night, and I'm still fighting with caffeine withdrawal, so I didn't feel very well today at all.  I plan on resting as much as possible (and I already drank a can of Pepsi...bad, I know).  We have a major snow storm headed our way, plus dealing with my illness/weakness, our plans for spending Christmas Eve at the waterpark are up in the air right now.  :(  The most important thing is to enjoy our time together as a family!!


  1. I'm so glad that all your tests came out well and there's nothing seriously wrong. It's still no fun that your HS is acting up leaving you feeling achy and weak. We will continue praying.

  2. You're in my P&PT.