Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sick is no fun

Well, do you want the long story or the short story?  Ah, it's my blog, so I guess it will be the long story.  ;)

I have been feeling exhausted for the past couple weeks.  Very rundown.  On Wednesday last week I felt miserable, but tried to grin and bear it.  I actually ran a 100.4 fever, but it was low enough that I just ignored it and prayed it was nothing.  I made sure to get lots of sleep that night.  On Thursday a.m. I felt better, but still tired.  Thursday afternoon I remember feeling overwhelmingly dizzy...not vertigo like I have when I need my neck adjusted, but dizzy like exhausted dizzy.  I was achy and had a headache.  I didn't get to bed until late, but acetaminophen does wonders.  Friday a.m. was similar, and by the end of daycare Friday afternoon I headed to bed with a 100.8 fever.  I very sadly called my friend Kristin to cancel our planned Saturday trip to see Courtney.  I went to bed for real around 9:30 p.m. Friday night, and besides getting up to nurse the baby I slept until 9:30 a.m.  It was a record for both of us, I think. I felt horrible, so I called and scheduled a doctor appointment.  I thought with the fever and aches that I had influenza.  I tested negative for that, though, and also negative for mono and strep.  Whew!  A blood count, and then a complete blood count, then revealed that not only was I anemic (my hemoglobin count was 9.1), but my white blood count and platelets were also low (pancytopenia).  Certainly the concern became "why?"  I have a history of hereditary spherocytosis.  It is a trait that I inherited from my mom's side of the family and had some complications from as a young girl.  As a child, I was subjected to frequent tests, liquid iron, fried liver (obviously I was anemic), and I had an enlarged spleen.  At some point in my childhood I remember hearing the blessed news, "Your spleen is normal!"  So it didn't have to be removed.  Now, the spherocytosis may or may not have anything to do with my current condition, but it is something the doctors are willing to investigate.  The doc on Saturday sent me home with iron and an appointment with my regular doctor on Monday.  On Sunday I was called back with more results--my liver enzymes are elevated and my potassium levels are dangerously low.  So add potassium to the iron.  On Monday I succumbed to more blood tests.  The doctor wants to make sure there is not an underlying virus that is causing the results...viruses similar to mono do that.  I had another blood count (this time my hemoglobin continued to fall to 8.4), an ultrasound of my spleen and liver, a chest x-ray, a urinalysis, and a very large blood draw to check for a blood infection.  In the meantime there is also the risk of hepatitis, so no more acetaminophen for me (ouch) until test results are in.  I was given an antibiotic as a precaution.  The ultrasound revealed some gallstones (probably the byproduct of an elevated bilirubin), and a very large spleen.  The doctor called some gastric specialists who told her to call hematology, who said they want to see me asap.  So I see them Wednesday morning.  In the meantime I am just sitting here waiting for an answer.  I continue to run a constant low-grade fever (the highest it has gotten is 101.4).

It is physically impossible for me to do any more than sit and wait anyways.  I am so exhausted.  I'm usually a little better in the mornings, but by evening it is difficult to walk from the couch to the bedroom.  Mitch has been wonderful.  Yesterday he did 8 loads of laundry, in addition to all the daycare and homeschool work.  Holly came over to help him while I went to my appointment, but since I was called back in 2 additional times, that pretty much meant Holly stayed here all day, too!  In addition to the lack of energy, the worst part is the headaches.  To compound the problem, I have cut my caffeine intake (I normally drink 2 cans of Pepsi a day).  Goodness knows my kidneys don't need anymore stress (especially judging by the...well...you don't want to know).  Today, however, I couldn't handle it anymore and just had to have one.  :)  It didn't take the headache away, but it did take the edge off.  If it's the difference between a migraine level and a regular headache, I'll take it!

Can I say again how wonderful Mitch has been?  He's been incredibly helpful and caring, and hasn't complained a bit.  He said to me last night, "I hope you get better soon; your job is hard!"  :)

Ok, I think that's about all...I'm probably forgetting something, but who would know?  My head hurts too much to think clearly. 


  1. Sorry the doctors haven't figured to much out yet...it's frustrating to wait. We'll be praying for you and for the doctors. I am glad that you have a good man who is willing to help out so much!

  2. I'll be praying for you.

  3. Wow :( I'm sorry you feel so terrible! Makes me feel bad that I'm down and out about a silly cold.