Monday, December 14, 2009


I personally do not like to play in the snow. It's just not my thing. Last week? Well, let's just say that when I came home on Sunday (the 6th) after grocery shopping I didn't leave again until the following Saturday. In fact, I didn't step a foot outside my front door. Good thing I like being at home. :) It is nice to look at, however, and to take pictures of.

{Our home today}

Expect that small little mound of snow to grow significantly...that's where Mitch likes to pile the snow when he shovels the driveway.  It's most likely there to stay/grow until spring.  Makes a good place to play!  Not that I'd know personally...  Every time we go out, Patrick expresses his amazement at the piles of snow in the parking lots.  Yeah, it's something you sort of get used to.  They'll all get bigger.  In April it will be 50 degrees F out and those piles will still be trying to melt off.  It takes a long time for them to go away.  Sometimes the city will send trucks to remove the snow.  They load it into dump trucks and semis and haul it off to dump in a big hole somewhere.  I can't wait for Patrick to see the Mississippi River frozen over.  That will be fun. 

My kids love to play in the snow.  Patrick does too.  Good thing he's made some friends at school that also like to go skiing, snow boarding, sledding etc.  Don't think I'd be much fun in that area!  Where I grew up in Virginia we got snow occasionally.  It was always fun.  School was always let out.  It always melted within a few days.  It was always pretty warm out to play in...well, compared to MN it was warm.  In MN snow storms are usually followed by cold fronts that drop the temperatures and create a lot of wind--meaning that wind chills are even lower.  Brrrrrr.  Not that I'm complaining or anything.  It's a balmy 70 degrees F inside my house.  Where I happily spend most of my time.  Mitch thinks we should move south to warmer weather.  Especially now that winter is here.  :)

I know I'm not doing a very good job of writing tonight.  I'm pretty random.  Here is some more random but good news:  a friend of my sister-in-law, Holly, was reading my blog about my new camera and my desire to add to my collection of lenses.  She emailed me to say that she happens to have a 18-55 mm lens she doesn't use and would like to get rid of.  Well, now, I say, that would be perfect...but I'm short on cash at the moment.  BUT...we bought a different lens on ebay before we bought the camera (long story).  A beautiful 50 mm f/1.4 AI Nikon lens.  This lens is fairly old, will work as a manual lens only, but really is beautiful.  It came in the mail and I had SOOO much fun playing with it.  Fun, but not a necessary lens since my camera came with a 50 mm lens.  I can resale the lens and then have some cash.  So she says to me, really?  She happens to be wanting that lens!  NO way!  So we met and did a straight up trade.  I am thrilled to have a little more variety and options.  The picture above was shot with my "new" lens...I don't know if it's technically a "wide-angle" lens, but it did allow me to get the whole house in so I didn't have to stand across the street on my neighbor's porch to get it.  I hope she is enjoying the 50 mm.  It was beautiful.  I took some fun pictures with it as I explored the possibilities of being able to stop down to f 1.4 aperture.  Niiiiiiccce.

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