Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bananas and Raspberries

The banana stickers strike again...this time Tirzah is the proud owner of a "Natural Nutrition" sticker.  :)  That's just about as perfect as it can get.  She has a dried banana chip in her didn't work out so well, but she seemed to enjoy it while she had it!


And I got this video last night...she was being quite cute and cooperative!  It's only 28 seconds long...go ahead, you have time to watch it...  =)


  1. Seriously, she just keeps getting cuter.

  2. She did a lot of that "ah-dah!" while she was here. It was funny because she seemed most content just sitting on her own in the middle of the floor repeating that over and over again. ") Of course she also loved it when I "ate her up". LOL