Sunday, January 31, 2010


I don't have exact numbers (we'll blame it on the drugs)...but of course we did blood tests several times during the week in the hospital.  When I checked in my hemoglobin was 10.something low.  I knew I had been feeling a little better, so it was good to see my hgb so much higher--a far cry from 8.4!  During surgery I don't think I lost much blood.  I think I remember them saying something like 29 mL when I woke up and I was thinking it was close to a fluid ounce.  Maybe??  It also could have been a drug-induced dream that seemed real (been having a few of those).  At any rate, I didn't need a blood transfusion at all, yay!  My hemoglobin on Friday was 11.3, so it was already going up on its own.  My platelets, white blood cells, and potassium levels were all good as well. 

I have not done much since I've been home.  My crochet project is very lonely.  I have done a lot of sleeping--2 naps today already.  The pain meds make me sleepy, but when I sleep I have scary dreams.  I am taking less and less and hope to ditch anything with narcotics in it soon.  I am sore, and there's not really a comfortable spot to sit in the house.  Mitch did the grocery shopping again today--I couldn't even pretend to want to go!   

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