Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crocheting to keep me busy...

...AND keep me sitting around resting!  I decided that it would be good to have a crochet project to work on while I was ticking time away in the hospital.  TV gets boring fast, and this is a rare hospital visit where I won't have a sweet little newborn to keep me company (nor keep me *awake* ).  :)  I was having trouble getting inspired and motivated, though.  I finally decided on an afghan, and to motivate myself I figured I should choose something that I can enter in the fair in the fall.  I finally decided on this free pattern from the coats and clark website (that link is really slow to load).

Patrick went with me to the fabric store to help me pick out colors.  I thought he was teasing, but it turns out he happens to like making things with yarn.  He is trying to convince me to knit him a pair of socks, but I complained over the high price of "sock yarn" (about $6 for enough to make 1 pair).  Never mind that I don't know HOW to knit socks.  He is sure I can do it.  :)  I am not sure the hospital wants me to bring all the necessary knitting tools along with me.  They look too much like weapons.  So I'll stick to my blanket idea for now, and leave sock knitting to the more talented members of Patrick's family!!  :)

{This is going to end up like the bread.  I know it is.  You wait and a couple weeks I'll be looking on youtube or for videos on how to knit socks.  I'm still baking bread, by the way.}

Here is a sample block with the colors we chose:

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  1. I've recently taken up knitting. I've NO clue how to crochet, so with the fact that you already know how to crochet, I'm sure you'll learn how to knit socks in no time. I'm still working on my newbie scarf I started in December. *snort* Would help if I actually took the time to work on it more....