Thursday, January 28, 2010

Extra, Extra!

The title is my attempt at being witty despite my sickness.  LOL  The surgeon was in today and talked to Steph about her spleen.  Not only was her spleen 3 to 4 times normal size (about the size of a football), but she also had TWO accessory spleens.  It is good that they were discovered, because had they been left, Steph could have seen a repeat of her recent health issues.

She seems to be doing better, but is still in pain.  At the moment it looks like she'll be coming home tomorrow.  She was able to sit up and crochet for a while today, and also had some solid foods for the first time since she went in.  When I talked to her around supper time she was eating chicken strips, french fries, and applesauce.  They have taken her off the Fentanyl and she was just having Tylenol earlier today but they added Vicodin as well because the Tylenol wasn't quite cutting it.

Continue to pray for her recovery.

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  1. Oye, that just sounds painful. I am glad Steph had the surgery. Here's hoping she comes home soon.