Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good Pictures Today

I do love the sunshine!  Sun coming through the windows on the west side of our house means I get to take some good pictures without even trying hard.

This picture of Patrick was good like it originally had some great blues in it (blue is my favorite color)...however, I had some fun editing with my Creative Memories Memory Manager program.

Tirzah was so beautiful sleeping in her carseat.
Josh is always the little man (he's my favorite).  LOL...I say that all the time, and I don't really think I have a favorite child, but I love to say it just to be funny.  And out of all my kids, he really has been the easiest, and there's something to say for that!

Could there BE a better picture that depicts Caleb's personality PLUS the stage of life he is in?

I took this picture yesterday of Tirzah under not-so-great light (I had to use the flash).  Do you see what she is doing?  She had been chewing on her fingers all evening and they were RED.  But while I was holding her she actually SUCKED...briefly...on her thumb.  I was so excited.  I grabbed my camera, but she was too close to get a picture.  I handed her to Eden and she continued to work on her thumb a little bit.  I am desperately hoping this child will either suck her thumb or suck a pacifier and learn to put herself to sleep again soon.  Maybe even to sleep through the night (dare I hope?)!!  And I might mention it would be especially nice if she would do so before my surgery on the 25th, when I am going to leave her in the love and trust of Kristin.  :)

Speaking of that, I have been pumping milk once every day.  I just can't bring myself to wean the child.  I can't justify it.  But I have pumped one side and nursed the other side to get her a little satisfied, then offered her the rest of the milk in the bottle.  So far I've done it 3 times.  She is not "mad" at the bottle anymore.  She has figured out how to suck on it (seriously, she didn't even know how to suck on it to get the milk out at first), but she mostly plays.  My immediate goal is to keep pumping milk every day and get her used to a bottle.  Then while I am in the hospital I plan to pump and send the milk to Kristin's house.  I have another friend that will bring Tirzah up to the hospital for a visit to actually nurse, too.   Each day that I offer her the bottle and she doesn't take it all, I save what is left over and freeze it.  By 2 weeks from now, I should have enough supply to take over for Kristin to have until I can get her milk.  My surgeon advised me to pump and throw away milk for the first 24 hours.  I am doing some research on this general practice, however, and I have reason to believe it is not necessary.  I am going to keep researching, and hopefully I will be able to discuss it with my anesthesiologist and make a more informed decision from there.  One thing the kellymom website suggested was to ask for drugs that would be given to a mother undergoing a c-section.  Now, obviously I will be under general anesthesia, but certainly anything given to me for pain afterward can follow those guidelines.  That made a lot of sense to me!

And while I'm at it, I'll say that I am feeling better to some degree.  The fevers are gone and I don't feel as exhausted.  I believe both were related to the virus and I got a lot of sleeping in during that time.  I still feel pretty weak.  I feel all shaky when I stand for a while.  I get light headed when I bend over to pick things up.  You'd think I was 8 months pregnant!    I got the pneumococcal vaccine on Thursday and my arm was VERY sore on Friday (what a wimp!), but Saturday was mostly better and today is nearly perfect.  The hardest thing for me at the moment besides being weak is eating.  I do a lot of snacking, otherwise when I eat a regular serving at a meal time, I feel stuffed.  Like I had just gorged myself at the buffet.  It feels like it takes hours to digest.  So I don't have a huge appetite.  Yep, just like being 8 months pregnant.  Only the "baby" I'm going to "deliver" is not something we'll be taking pictures of.  :)

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