Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

9 years ago today, Caleb slipped into this world at 5 minutes after midnight.  He was my easiest childbirth ever (of course, I did have the "perfect" epidural...if there is such a thing).

As a baby, Caleb was great.  Nursing wasn't so great, and by 8 months I had completely weaned him to a bottle.  He spit up a lot, and we put him on reflux meds at 6 months.  He did not like to cosleep, went to bed on his own with a nuk, and woke up every day at 5:30 a.m.
C1st bday3
Caleb was an adorable toddler.  We loved giving him attention and doting on him.  He was SO funny.
Caleb climbed (and jumped off of) EVERYTHING.  It's a wonder he didn't break anything or need stitches.  2 year olds became my favorite with Caleb around.  Potty training was a cinch during the day, but took a little longer to get night trained.
Like all my boys, Caleb loved superheros, playing outside, and just being boyish.  We call him our defiant compliant child.  He is compliant and willing to do what we ask most of the time.  Sometimes, though, he is just the polar opposite and very defiant.  We do have a temper!
Caleb was a fast learner, no formal preschool required.  He was especially good at numbers and adding.
Caleb headed to school later this year.  He did great!  His speech was a little funny, but we were not concerned.
Caleb's 6th Birthday
Caleb is starting to read.  He loves school.  He is starting to hate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I think it is because he can't spread the jelly very well).  He doesn't always deal well with unexpected changes.  If something doesn't go the way he wants to, he'll either pout or change his mind decide that what he REALLY wanted was what happened.
Caleb has a very long list of what he wants to be when he grows up.  He wants to do everything from make movies to running a bakery.  He basically has a million ideas of how he's going to make the world a better place.  We are homeschooling 1st grade and Caleb is proving to be an A+ student.
Caleb is responsible in school and quick to get his work done.  He loves to play imaginative games with Eden and Zeke, or to play computer or video games. 
Caleb doesn't change much at all.  He still gets up early (5:30ish), goes to bed early, and prefers to sleep alone.  He still has a wild imagination about what he's going to do for the world.  He loves to play pretend games.  He loves to play computer and Wii.  He still hates jelly on his sandwiches.  He excels at math and reading.  He still talks funny sometimes (but we have really nailed down the "s" sound).  He tells very long stories.  He longs for the undivided attention of his parents.  :)

Happy Birthday, Buddy!


  1. Aww, what a handsome boy and a very sweet post! You have a lovely blog!

  2. Happy Birthday Caleb!!!!!! I love these stories you post at birthday time! How do you ever remember that stuff though. You must be a better parent than me and have all of this written down somewhere. Love ya!

  3. thanks for letting me be there for the birth! when i look back to that night, i am still in as much awe! how amazing it has been to watch him grow! love you all!