Friday, January 15, 2010

Malachi steals the show!

It was Caleb's birthday party. The cake was delicious. I used a most unhealthy recipe from hershey's.


Caleb opened his presents...a bike helmet, a picture puzzle book, and a new bike! The bike was not assembled yet, but the kids were a flurry of activity buzzing around to help get it assembled.


Zeke, Josh, and Malachi had the most fun playing with the box. Our eyes weren't totally on Malachi and the small home tool kit lying on the floor. Suddenly, he let out a cry. It took me about half a second to survey the scene and figure out he'd cut his finger on a small box cutter. We didn't even remember it was in the kit. Mitch rushed Malachi to the sink, but our carpet was already stained with blood. One quick look and I knew it would have to be stitched. He sliced it right along the side of his index finger on his right hand, on the side of the finger next to the thumb, between the first and second knuckle. We quickly reacted to have our older kids get their buddies in bed, Patrick buckled Tirzah in the carseat, and Micah started the truck. We put a quick bandage on Malachi's hand from our first aid training kits. The whole thing took maybe 10 min. The hospital is only a few minutes away, and once in the ER we were given a room right away. (It was pretty quiet in there last night...guess Thursdays are slow). Malachi is our first kid to need stitches. Yeah, it would be him. The whole thing was really painful for me to watch. Mitch is normally very queasy with blood, but he held Malachi the entire time and did wonderfully. The PA said that normally they have to wrap two-year-olds in blankets and have lots of hands holding them down, but Malachi sat bravely on Mitch's lap. The worst part was when the PA was inspecting the wound to see if his tendon had been cut. She wasn't able to see--there was too much blood and his finger was too small. Malachi was pretty scared through it all, screamed with the numbing shots and cried during the stitches, but he did great. I don't know if you've ever seen a wound stitched, but this was my first time. I soaked in everything, while cringing and looking away at times. Mostly I am in awe of the PA and the nurses. I don't think I could EVER hold a kid down and do what needs to be done. Ouch. :) They bandaged him up good and even put a splint on his finger to keep it stabilized. I told him it looks like a gun. We arrived home not even an hour and a half after we left.

I loved how Patrick came and sat close and comforted him after we arrived home.


  1. Stitches.... Yep. Been there and done that with both kids, but for both of them it was right above their eye. Meyrick's was right above the eyebrow and Jennilee's was right below the eyebrow. We had the same PA both times and he was GREAT with them! Meyrick told him that he didn't want stitches so he told Meyrick instead of stitches he would give him fishing line. Poor thing!!! How many did he have to get?

  2. I hope he is doing better!! I can't imagine how you handled it so well!! I would have had to stay at home I think. That will be one birthday to remember!!