Monday, January 25, 2010

Out of surgery

Surgery was completed about 4:30pm.  They were able to do laparoscopic surgery, so no big incisions (this was a concern because of how enlarged her spleen had become).  Big praise there!  She should be awake within an hour and then Mitch will be allowed in to see her.  Pray for peace for him as he waits.

Mitch dropped Tirzah off here on his way back to the hospital this afternoon and she seems to be adjusting well.  Pray for me tonight as I'll be dealing with TWO babies who generally do not sleep through the night. ")

The doctor said that Steph should be sitting up by this evening, and they would like her to be up and walking around as soon as possible to avoid complications (such as, fluid build up).  Pray for a smooth and timely recovery.

Kristin, for Steph


  1. Glad things went well and they were able to do it without cutting her open all the way. Hopefully she heals quickly and has relief from her other symptoms. Will continue to pray for all involved.

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated :)