Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Should it stay or go?

Tirzah has thin, whispy hair.  She was born with a good amount of hair, but hasn't grown much since then.  That's kind of what happens with my kids, especially the ones that end up having curly hair.  Here she is at birth:


So, Mitch always wants to shave the kids' hair off when they are born. I would NEVER do that. I think he says it just to drive me nuts. He has always made comments about Tirzah's crazy hair, but he seems to have stepped it up a notch lately. He says things like "She would be pretty if you'd cut that hair off." LOL But SOME PEOPLE have actually agreed with him. Argh!


So I proposed a blog poll. Should I cut her hair or not? I am including a couple pictures to help you capture the part that we're talking about here. We have nicknamed it "the comb-over". Mitch still thinks I should just shave it all over, but most people say I should just take the scissors to this uber long part.


I don't really put bows in it like that, but it does help display how long that "piece" of hair is there on top. Micah just saw the picture and laughed and called it the "Eiffel tower". Man, I live with some really mean people!


And there you have it. The comb-over. Should it stay or should it go? Vote in the poll to the right until Saturday, January 23. :)


  1. I've threatened to shave my kids hair, but mostly because Alex had basically no hair until he was almost two. When I finally did buzz it for the summer, it grew back much thicker and quicker! ")

    I love the poll options, but haven't decided what my vote will be... LOL

  2. So see...that was when he was almost TWO...to me that's a big difference. And the fact that he's a boy, LOL. People do say it will grow back in thicker and quicker, but I seriously think it's a myth. :)

  3. I should say that Eden had almost no hair until she was one, but by the time she was two had enough for *little* pig tails. So I do expect Tirzah's to start growing soon.

  4. I'd cite the cold winter and say she needs it for warmth. :) That'll buy you a few months for the rest to grow in :)

    Our oldest, Katelyn, was born with a bunch of 1 1/2-2 inch long hair except for this one chunk behind her ear that was about 4 inches longer than the rest - at first I was too scared to get close to her with a scissors, but once she rubbed off her back hair it looked REALLY goofy!! I did eventually cut it :)

    My 4 year old, on the other hand, has STILL never had a haircut (mostly now because I haven't gotten around to it at a good time for her) :)

    Your little Tirzah is cute no matter what :)

  5. A few of mine have similar hair, and I always end up trimming it so that it will be even. So that's my vote, though I think she's beautiful just the way she is!!

  6. I would trim the one piece to match the other, but would not cut it all off because you wanted a little girl to play with, not another boy!!

  7. I would probably snip off the longer hair to match the rest. Then put it in a scrapbook next to the comb-over & Eiffel Tower pics. I agree that she's a cutie, either way. Or, you could make a bunch of hats for her to wear for awhile!
    - Cathy C.