Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Skinny

We all know that Steph is skinny... but it turns out her veins are too.  Earlier this evening she was having some issues with her IV site.  Redness and streaking meant she needed to have a new IV placed.  The LPN made an attempt, then called the RN.  The RN then called the Charge Nurse, and the Charge Nurse called the Nursing Supervisor.  They did eventually get a new line placed.  Steph took one look at it and said, "Is that the size they use for babies?".  Turns out, it was.  With her skinny veins, that's what it took to get a working line.  What it means for her treatment is that it takes a bit longer to administer any IV meds.

Steph is still dealing with a lot of nausea.  The bad line was discovered as they were going to administer another dose of Zofran (an anti-nausea drug).  So, not only was she poked repeatedly, but had to endure with a queasy tummy.  Fun! :(  On the plus side, she was able to take several short walks today.

Prayer requests for now are that Steph's bowels would move.  This is one of the prereq's for discharge.  Also pray that she would not get the virus that has been plaguing her home (and now mine!).

I made the difficult decision today to send Tirzah back home.  Since I have my own nursing baby (who is now not feeling 100%) and a toddler who spent the better part of last night throwing up, and now a 10yo with the same issue, I felt it was better for Tirzah to be home with her own family.  This morning she just wasn't her normal happy self, and I know she was really missing her big brother's and sister.  The big kids here just weren't cutting it - though they did do a great job helping out.  I feel like I let Steph down, but she's reassured me that it was the right thing to do.  (Sorry I couldn't keep up my end of the bargin Steph.  Thanks for being so understanding.)

Bonnie took Tirzah up to see Steph around 11am and ended up keeping her for the afternoon.  After taking her up to see Steph a second time, she headed over here, picked up Tirzah's stuff, and taxied her home.  Thanks, Bonnie, for all your help over the last couple of days!!

I don't have any information yet on when Steph will be released (see above prayer requests).  She has had a low grade fever, no movement of the bowels, and is still in a good amount of pain.  These are all factors in her eventual release.  Continue to pray for her recovery, and for her family as they wait for her return home.

~Kristin, for Steph


  1. Oh, Steph, you simply MUST get better quickly! We continue to pray. Try not to be anxious(easier said than done, I know).

  2. Steph will get better soon!
    Tirzah is not herself, because she knows things are not "normal" right now. I think you did the right thing, sending her back to her family. Good luck and God bless.

  3. Thinking and praying for you Steph! A fast(er) recovery and that you are home soon!

  4. Sorry the recovery has been so rocky, Steph. I sure wasn't expecting that kind of scenario. And Kristin, you were there when Mitch & Steph needed help with Tirzah the most...thank you! I'll continue to pray for you, Steph and look forward to the day you will get to go home and continue your recovery.
    Cathy Chilson