Saturday, January 23, 2010

Surgery on Monday

This is it--the hours are starting to count down.  I am so grateful that Mitch's mom and step-dad, Karen and Marc, are coming up to help out this week.  They were able to take some time off from their jobs and are driving (in the nasty storm that is now upon us) from Kentucky.  They'll be here later this afternoon.  Kristin is going to keep Tirzah for me while I am in the hospital.  I have worked hard every day to build up a small supply of frozen breastmilk for her, but she just so happens to have the {special} ability to nurse Tirzah in my absence.  :)  I know that it will mean more restful nights for the people living at my house, and I'm praying that Kristin's nights are restful.  I'm grateful also for her sacrifice!  A sewing friend (who makes adorable dog diapers) is going to bring Tirzah to visit me in the hospital.  She has also offered to come help me cut out diapers soon and I am SO excited.

On Monday Mitch will drive me to the hospital.  My day looks something like this:
Midnight-- Nothing more to eat or drink except small sips of water (no more than 30 ml/hour)
10:30 am Check in for surgery
12:30 pm Surgery scheduled to begin, and estimated to last 156 min
3:00 pm Into recovery
4:30 pm Admitted and moved to room
At this point Mitch is planning on staying with me as long as he can, then going home.  He can't be with me at all in recovery, so it doesn't make sense for him to sit there and wait for all those hours.  Since the hospital is less than 10 min away, I think I'm comfortable with him going back home.  I do hope he'll come up and see me as soon as I am in my room, though.  The surgeon plans on keeping me for two nights, so if all goes well I will come home on Wednesday.  Kristin will update my blog, and I'm giving Mitch a list of important numbers to call for an immediate update.

That's the plan!  Of course there are so many other things running through my head.  It's pretty easy for me to find something to worry about.  For example, am I going to feel really loopy afterward?  Will I get sick?  How soon will I be able to pump?  But whenever I start to feel overwhelmed I remember that God is sovereign over all of it.  Nothing that happens, even "unexpected" things, is out of His control.

It's not all easy sailin' around here.  We have had a yucky vomit/diarrhea virus go through the house this past week.  I am concerned about Karen and Marc coming into our house of sickness.  Certainly I have worried about getting it as well.  I did have some "back door trots" as Mitch calls it yesterday afternoon, but I was feeling much better last night.  There's no doubt about it, that was the real thing, and I hope that's ALL I get.  Yee-haw!  (Sorry for the TMI).  So when you are remembering to pray for me during the surgery, also pray for the health and comfort of my family.  :)

If you have any questions, just ask or email me: stephtheis at


  1. You've been heavy on my thoughts and in my prayers. Everything WILL come together exactly as God has ordained, it ALWAYS does. I'll be waiting anxiously for news of a successfully surgery. I love you, my dear friend.

  2. I'm kind of lurker on your blog and enjoy hearing about your large family. I'm having minor surgery Tuesday myself, so I appreciate the anticipation.

    That said, I"m praying for you and know that God will keep you safe in his care.