Friday, January 22, 2010

Tirzah is 9 months old (yesterday)!!

Yesterday Patrick came up to me while helping Tirzah walk--she was holding onto his sleeve only to steady herself!  She has taken a couple steps on her own, but is not really ready to venture off without holding on to something.  She turns her feet in and walks on the sides of them, so she doesn't quite have the balance/coordination down.

Tirzah, at 9 months you
~want to get into everything
~try to copy the things that everyone else is doing
~bump your head a lot as you learn to balance on two feet (or two knees)
~will not fall asleep by yourself
~like to be held over my left shoulder (or Micah's, Eden's, or Patrick's) and patted on the back
~like to sleep near Mommy all night long, even if you're not nursing
~go to bed at night around 9 pm and get up around 7 am
~take one or two naps in a day, sometimes 2 hours long
~like to eat some foods but not others
~refuse to miss family dinner around the table
~will try anything that is on our plates
~love to hold a fork or spoon
~ate chicken enchiladas for supper last night and loved it
~also think it's cool to eat Mommy's ice cream or yogurt
~think baby food jarred meats is something bad
~put every little thing you find on the floor in your mouth
~say "hiiiiiii Da"
~have a new love for bath time
~can sit up in the tub and take a bath with your brothers
~love to splash water and don't mind when it gets in your face
~love to play in the pantry (see the mess you made out of my onions!)
~also love to empty the cupboard with the cups in it
~roll the cups around on the floor (they roll funny)
~love balls
~pull up on everything, even things that are not stable and cause you to fall
~are learning how to go DOWN and up the stairs
~think downstairs is the best place in the world to play
~cry whenever anyone shuts the gate and leaves you upstairs
~love shoes, and "attack" any daycare parent wearing shoes
~are very friendly and will crawl to anyone who is sitting on the floor nearby
~simply love to play and love people

We STILL love you!!

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  1. Ahh.... I love reading these! When will she be 1?