Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Malachi, Diapers, and Pictures

We started potty training Malachi last summer.  Things really got off to a great start, but then stalled out.  He clearly had no motivation for staying dry.  Still I gave it my "best" effort.  I use sort of an eclectic approach to potty training.  I read a book years ago called "Potty Training in Less than a Day" and I highly recommend it.  While I don't use that approach per se, I do use many tips from it.  Things were looking promising as long as we reminded him to go, so I happily retired Malachi's way-overused one-size pocket diapers.  I was so sick of them!  I hoped he would eventually remember to go on his own.  Alas, it was not to be.  After too many accidents (there's nothing like sitting down on the couch in a wet spot), we gave up.  I was not about to drag out the old diapers, so we resorted to using disposables.

Now I am sick of paying money for disposables.  Malachi spends most days doing some peeing in the potty, some accidents, and some wearing diapers.  On days when we're really on our game we manage to keep him in a diaper all day long.  Since I am feeling better, and also need a size large AI2 pattern, I finally drafted a pattern and made him some cloth diapers again.  I am happy to report they fit well, considering he is on the upper end of the size range.  It's kind of nice having a daycare, because I have a few other babies to try diapers on too to see how to adjust sizing (NOT FOR PICTURES...I do not do that...that would be wrong).

So once I had my pattern down, I made these 4 beautiful diapers for MJ this weekend:


He woke up Monday morning, and I asked if he wanted to put one of his new diapers on, and guess what?  No, of course he didn't!  Ugh.  The little stinker stayed dry ALL DAY too, until supper time.  Unbelievable.  He woke up this morning the same way.  We'll see how long it lasts.  If it does last, then I'll sell the diapers.   In fact, he just walked in the room to tell me he wants to go poopy.  Cool.

That reminds me of something else.  Back in the summer when we started training him, he didn't speak much at all.  Right around Thanksgiving/Christmas he started talking really well and talks all the time.  It has improved things in many ways for him (more talking = less frustration = less "Mala-cry").  It also may have something to do with his improved ability to go potty.  He has also taken a new interest in being like Joshua, and I've used that to my advantage to say things like, "Does Josh wear diapers?"  :)


We kittysat for Kristin last week.  Our kids LOVED the poor kitty.  She was so scared of them.  I hoped the newness would wear off.  It never did.  They chased her everywhere.  Malachi is holding a jar of barbecue sauce because Mitch had fun making a lot of jokes about eating the cat.  It was SO fun reading on facebook.  For example, here is one of his status updates from last week: 

"Ok, cats are suppost to have 9 lives, right? So...when does the second one start? Do I need to wait till after midnight, or a full moon...I am confused... "

Very funny.  Kitty is happily back at home now, safe and sound.


Tirzah is doing remarkably well with her walking.  She learned to turn corners!  She has also stood up in the middle of the room a couple of times--it's not a regular thing yet, but she's working on it.


I love this pic of Patrick with all the kids around him.  He sometimes studies in my crowded, messy sewing room to get away from the noise.  I'm not sure that was working out so well for him last night. 


Tirzah was cuddling in and close to falling asleep...way too cute.


And proof that Patrick still knows how to do dishes.  Each meal has a "helper."  Currently Caleb is breakfast helper, Micah is lunch helper, and Patrick & Eden are supper helpers.  90% of the time Mitch washes the dishes, while the helpers rinse and put them away.  Yes, we have a dishwasher.  No, it doesn't work.  So much for maytag!

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  1. Hmm...I should chat with you or Kristin about a "pull-up" of sorts for my guy. He tends to stay dry all night for a week or so then have a few days of accidents. We usually let him choose whether or not he wants to wear one unless of course we know he's extrememly tired or drank a ton. I'm just so tired of paying for pullups!