Sunday, February 14, 2010

Missing Church

I am missing church again today.  :(  I expected to miss the first Sunday after my surgery, especially since if our whole family goes anywhere we have to drive two vehicles.  I was pretty sure I would not feel up to driving (and I didn't).  I ended up missing last Sunday also, my cold was coming on strong and my tummy wasn't feeling so great.  So Tirzah & I stayed home and napped together.  But I thought for sure I'd be back this week.  This is the week that our new Sunday School class starts, and I'm really looking forward to it!  But Zeke and Josh are both hacking and coughing.  Zeke is still running a low-grade fever (100.1 underarm).  Josh's eyes are all red and "rubby" he says.  We gave him eye drops for conjunctivitis on Friday, but forgot to yesterday until bedtime.  Normally when we go to church we just take the kids into the service with us, but for Sunday School they would need to go into their classrooms.  I knew it would not work to send Zeke and Josh into their classrooms to share germs with other kids.  Malachi absolutely refuses to go into his classroom, so I already knew I'd be holding him on my knee.  There was no way I could have all 3 of them in the adult class.  So here we are at home...sigh.  Thankfully I can listen to the sermons I miss online.  :)

On Friday Zeke's breathing sounded "wheezy" to me as I held my ear to his back and asked him to breathe deeply.  The doctor disagreed, so that says to me that I don't know what I'm listening for.  :)  The doctor admitted he had no way to predict if Zeke was going to get better or worse at that point.  He said it *could* be developing into pneumonia, but he just didn't know.  So he wrote a prescription for an antibiotic and said if he was not better, was worse, or had a higher fever to start the antibiotic on Sunday.  Today he still sounded the same, especially when he breathes in...wheezy or not, it's definitely noisier than normal.  His cough sounds "wet" and not dry, though.  I'm terrible at this guessing game of "is it pneumonia or not" and "should I give him the antibiotic or not".  At any rate, I decided that while he may not be worse, he is definitely still coughing and still running a fever (even though it is not higher), so I started the antibiotic.  I tell ya, one of these days I'm going to invest in a stethoscope and an otoscope, and possibly even a decent thermometer!!  And I WILL learn how to use them properly.  :)

On a good note, I am not coughing (never did) and my congestion is improving.  My tummy feels really good, comparatively, and I even sewed a diaper this past week--yay!  I don't feel so "run down." 


  1. it! when i was a spring chicken, and in europe...i went to the doctor and was diagnosed with that, oh was i scared! until he said we call it pink eye. then he offered me ointment or drops. i was like, wow, in the states they dont give you any choices, i want to try ointment. do you know why they dont offer ointment? because it is very difficult to rub ointment into your whose idea was that! anyhow, had to laugh at the clinical terminology and now share why:) now get better over there! love ya!

  2. Hope your kids are feeling better now! We are enjoying the warm air and sunshine. ") Still some coughing, but much better than when we left home!!


  3. Hope you pull through with this sickness. Our family read your Christmas letter this morning. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sending the letter to us!