Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some more pictures

It's obvious I love my new camera.  :)  I hope you don't get sick of all the pictures I post.  :)

When I was at the hospital and Bonnie brought Tirzah up to see me, Tirzah found it very fun to pull on the iv on my wrist.  So Bonnie grabbed a pair of the hospital surgery socks and cut the toes off so I could slip it over my iv.  Zeke loves them!

Zeke's cough got worse than anyone else's.  He had been up at night for two nights, and on Thursday he started running a low grade fever (right around 100).  I was chatting with my cousin on the phone Thursday night and she reminded me that I could nebulize him.  It probably saved us a trip to the ER!  I did send Zeke to the doctor on Friday to have him checked.  The doctor gave us a script for an antibiotic and told us to start it on Sunday if Zeke still has a fever and is not getting better.  He was pretty bad last night, but so far today seems better.  We've done a couple of these treatments with him.  Tirzah thought it was very funny and wanted to pull it off him.  She does love cords!

Since Tirzah really started walking on Wednesday, on Friday she started walking EVERYWHERE.  She'll be standing at the couch and turn and walk straight into the middle of the room.  She falls a lot, but she is sooooo determined to get walking.

Here you can see that I didn't cut Tirzah's hair.  Mitch is still threatening to, though.

I love this picture, but I can't tell you what it's about yet.  I'm saving that for a future blog post.  But Chi sure is concentrating hard!!  :)

We had a lot of fog overnight and a few snow flurries this morning. I love waking up to the trees all covered like this...the view from my window is so pretty!

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